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Rejuvenation with Make-Up? Why Not! My Infallible Hacks

 Hi, beauties! 

Make-up can both make you look older and younger. If you want to take a few years away, try out the hacks I’ve been using from way back. All you need to do is take your favourite beauty products, sit comfortably in front of the mirror and put on make-up, following my tips.


A few layers of a mismatched foundation makes you look several years older. Moreover, you lay open to unpleasant comments. On the other hand, exposing blemishes and not using any cosmetics can also look unattractive. What can you do? Choose a mineral foundation that conditions the skin and camouflages pigmentation spots and acne breakouts. If you’re bothered by dry skin, go for lightweight formulas. How to pick the right shade of foundation? Apply a bit of a few shades onto cheeks, wait a few hours and choose the one going with your skin tone. You’re not into thick foundations? Change their consistency adding some moisturiser. In this way, you will create your own BB or CC product.

What about a corrector? Don’t overuse it! If you apply thick layers to a pimple, it will look even worse. Test illuminating concealers for the nourished and young-looking skin. Apply them in minimal quantities to cheekbones, cupid’s bow, brow ridges and inner corners of the eyes.


Blue eyeshadow and black eyeliner on the lower and upper eyelids make you look older. Go for radiance and naturalness. Light pink, beige and ashy hues will take years away and give a vibrant look. If you want to define your eyes, choose eyeshadow with shimmering pigments. Remember to apply mascara. Use the ones that curl and lengthen your lashes to make eyes look bigger.


Nothing makes your face more vital than a blusher. A light and slightly glistening cosmetic will enhance your looks, add freshness to the skin and gift you with subtlety. The blusher will make you look romantic and girlish. Remember to give it a rub; it can’t leave allergy-reaction spots. Use a fluffy brush and skim the cheekbones with the blusher for a gentle effect.

What are your rejuvenating makeup tricks?

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