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Best Keratin-Rich Hair Masks I Used & Highly Recommend!

A perfect hair mask. Does it exist? I think it does, though I’d been seeking it for a long time. I’m sure you know the scenario: hundreds of products with similar components, effects and promises. It’s hard to choose one when we’re spoilt for choice – the one that will help us take control of...Read More

You Have Problems with Broken Capillaries? You Must Have BEST FACE SERUM Too!

Here’s my newest post with the results of testing the best-selling anti-redness face serums. If you have broken capillaries, you must know the problem can only be fixed with customized products. Rosacea-prone complexion requires advanced formulations with a higher concentration of nutritional ingredients which can penetrate the skin deeply and work from within, not just...Read More

5 Face Serums that Brighten Pigmentation Spots & Erase Discoloration

Girls! Raise hands those of you whose complexion is uneven because of nasty dark spots? I’m sure there are plenty of us. Yes, I typed “us” for a reason because I, too, used to struggle for a long time with blemishes and blotchy skin. Fortunately, it’s all over now. In this post you will find...Read More

I had permanent lip makeup done! Am I satisfied with the result?

Hey! As you probably know it, I love lip makeup. If I were to pick my fave look, I’d go for the natural lip color that is enhanced in a subtle way. However, now when we have to wear face masks everywhere, keeping lip makeup untouched is pretty challenging. I came across permanent lip makeup...Read More

3 Foolproof Tricks To Erase Pigmentation Spots From Face

It’s nice to welcome you on my blog again! I hope you’re doing great 🙂  Let me begin with the following question: Do you have any discolorations/pigmentation spots on skin? My skin has this nasty habit of developing these blemishes after the summer. Luckily, I don’t have to spend my money on some costly in-salon...Read More

What Causes Split Hair Ends & How to Handle the Problem?

Expensive shampoos, various types of conditioners, hair oil treatments… You apply them regularly but your hair ends are split anyway? Believe me, I know the scenario. It usually happened when I was trying to grow my hair long. Luckily, there are some hacks that help handle the issue! Read today’s post to find out what...Read More