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Parsley in the fight for beauty. My DIY cosmetics

Hey girls 🙂 Do you like parsley? Do you use it in your cooking recipes? It appears that parsley has more vitamin C than lemon, it contains multitude of flavonoids, is a source of vitamin B1, B2, PP, glycosides, ascorbic acid, carotenes, potassium, iron and magnesium. Therefore, it’s worth using it to create homemade, rejuvenating...Read More

How to rub off rough skin? Marvellous, fragranced DIY scrubs

Hey people! Today’s entry is rather… invasive. The perfect one when the summer is over (but not only then). It’s about how to make skin look pretty, so instructions for getting smooth body and remove this sun-dehydrated (unwanted!) epidermis. Do we really have to spend a fortune on luxurious body scrubs? Luckily, the clash with...Read More

Not only to drink. Beer bath as a method for beautiful skin

Hello girls! You can consider my today’s entry as the one belonging to the ‘weird, yet useful’ category. You’re going to learn fairly original (although well-known) products that you can use while bathing. I swear on the most expensive mascara I have that you’ll be amazed at the effects. It’s enough that you use it...Read More

Let’s make natural make-up cosmetics. The foundation and blusher

Hi, Girls! Today we will learn how to make natural make-up cosmetics. These are foundation and blusher (loose and creamy). In spite of not having as long expiry data as the drug store cosmetics, their shade and composition will suit your skin needs. Let’s begin! NATURAL FOUNDATION IN LIQUID There are two methods for making...Read More