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My own face toners. A few DIY recipies

Hello girls!

As you probably know, I adore natural cosmetics! One of the best things about them is the fact that I can prepare them myself. I prefer to use plants, herbs, and fruit from my garden as well as semi-finished products from healthy food shops. I’m well aware that many of you use cosmetics based on natural ingredients. Today, I decided to share with you my secret recipes for face toners.

Herbal Toner

You will need: horsetail, chamomile, heartsease, melissa (dried flowers or herbal tea sachets), 35 grams of alcohol 70% (optional), 100 grams of distilled or boiled water and 40grams of rose water.

How to prepare it? Pour alcohol and a part of distilled water over the herbs. Cover the pot with this mixture and leave overnight. In the morning, drain the herbs with a strainer and then filter through a coffee filter. Finally, add rose water and transfer to a dark glass bottle.

Properties: Refreshes and nourishes the skin. Soothes irritations, reduces seborrhea, mattifies. It provides antiseptic, antibacterial and therapeutic effects.

Application: In the morning and evening wipe the face, neck, and neckline.

Fruit water for all skin types

You will need: fruit (frozen, dried or fresh). You can combine them in any fragrance and nutritional compositions.

How to prepare? Squeeze the juice out of the fruit, mix or cut into small pieces and pour water over it. If you have decided on the first option (fruit juice), then follow these instructions. Pour the juice into a dish of dark glass, then add boiled lukewarm water. Place the dish in a shady place, away from the sources of moisture and air.

Properties: Fruity tonic gently refreshes, gently cleanses, delivers nutrients and energizes.

Application: In the morning and evening, to thoroughly cleansed face, neck, and neckline. It is a great idea to add your fruit tonic to the water while bathing.

Lemon toner for mature, dull skin with the signs of fatigue

You will need: 70 grams of lemon juice, 30 grams of alcohol, 1 gram of lactic acid and 70 grams of parsley water.

How to prepare? In 70 grams of distilled water soak a bunch of parsley. The next day, the fluid should be filtered and combined with the other ingredients.

The second way to prepare this toner: Chop the parsley and pour a glass of iced water (you can add ice cubes) over it. Leave it in the refrigerator overnight, and in the morning, add lemon juice, alcohol and lactic acid.

Properties: the toner brightens the complexion, moisturises and nourishes. It has a cleansing and tightening effect on the skin pores.

Application: In the morning and evening to cleansed and dry face, neck and cleavage.

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