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Not only to drink. Beer bath as a method for beautiful skin

Hello girls!

You can consider my today’s entry as the one belonging to the ‘weird, yet useful’ category. You’re going to learn fairly original (although well-known) products that you can use while bathing. I swear on the most expensive mascara I have that you’ll be amazed at the effects. It’s enough that you use it one a week and your skin will change out of all recognition.


It turns out that beer doesn’t only upgrade the mood of the evening meetings with friends. It also improves condition of skin, hair and fingernails. All you have to do is take a few-minute bath in beer. Add more or less 3 litres of beer to a bath filled with warm water and give yourself up to the moment of relax. This golden sherbet smooths skin, helps with fighting against acne and psoriasis and even reduces cellulite. It contains yeast, sodium and barley that affect our body in a positive way. What’s interesting, there are special bath beers available on the Internet. I bet all beer-lovers will give them a go straight away.


It’s nothing new that honey and milk improve the state of skin and hair. I bet everybody associates this kind of bath with Cleopatra and her ancient rituals with these two products. The effect? Her body was silky smooth. Honey and milk contain enzymes, mineral salts, and vitamins A, B and D. They deliver moisturisation and smoothness to skin while hair gains shine and elasticity. How to prepare such a royal bath? Warm up goat milk and mix it with a few spoons of honey. Pour the mixture to a bath.


Not only is it the most tasty snack in the world, but also it is able to take care of our skin perfectly. This is how chocolate works. However, this time refrain from eating it because this is not how chocolate skin care procedure looks like. Take either soy or coconut milk and melt there a bar of dark chocolate. When the mixture cools down, pour it to a bath and give yourself up to a few long moments of pleasure. Chocolate releases endorphins, which are hormones of happiness. Moreover, it nourishes, soothes and relaxes. And its smell is out of this world!


It’s another option for those who appreciate combining relax and body care in one. Put rose petals into a bath. You can buy these at any florist’s. If you don’t feel like using real flowers, you can replace them with a rose oil. Both plants as well as the oil extracted from them have highlighting, skin tone evening and firming action. Furthermore, they smell wonderful and put in a good mood.

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