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I had permanent lip makeup done! Am I satisfied with the result?

Hey! As you probably know it, I love lip makeup. If I were to pick my fave look, I’d go for the natural lip color that is enhanced in a subtle way. However, now when we have to wear face masks everywhere, keeping lip makeup untouched is pretty challenging. I came across permanent lip makeup...Read More

[DIY] 3 perfect facial toners that will improve your skin

Hey, Recently, I’ve found myself incredibly interested in natural beauty products. For a couple of weeks now I’ve been sitting at home and creating some magical potions as if I was some mad alchemist. Soon I’ll run out of flour, charcoal, aspirin, tea and herbs but instead my hair will be thick, nails strong and...Read More

How to correctly choose and apply the foundation? – The sins you (probably) commit

Welcome my at-home make-up artists! The foundation that ‘covers well’? As it turns out, it’s a challenge that every third woman is struggling with. How to choose a foundation so that you can be certain that your skin will look flawless? How to avoid heavy and unaesthetic fake effects? Today, I will be sharing with...Read More

3 weeks with Nanobrow. Do I recommend this eyebrow serum?

nanobrow eyebrow serum
I used to have thin and weak eyebrows. Yet three weeks ago I was focused mainly on looking for the best offer for semi-permanent eyebrow make-up. Why? A few years ago everybody wanted to have thin eyebrows. This was a trend that almost every woman followed. Obviously, I was one of them so I made...Read More