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What can you find in my make-up bag? 

Hi girls!

Recently, my make-up bag has been enriched with a few new make-up cosmetics. These include Sensique Eyeshadows, Pharmaceris foundation, Rimmel Mascara and Urban Decay Lipstick. As you can see some of my cosmetics are cheap, others – slightly more expensive. When I buy cosmetics, I always make sure to check their composition and quality. That’s why in my beauty bag there are some products from the pharmacy, and some from the drugstore.

Sensique Creative Eyeshadows

This is my favorite and best eye shadow ever. Sensique’s Creative Eyeshadows have a natural composition, light consistency and nice colours. Some contain shiny particles that make their eyes look bigger and better. The eyeshadows have a delicate consistency, they are easy to apply and they blend with the eyeliner or the eye pencil. They are really cool! At the drugstore, you will find 12 sets in different colours. Roses, beige, bronze, violet, green and blue are available. My favorite ones are those close to the color of the skin. They are packed in small packages that I easily put in my bag. At any time and place, I can improve my make-up.

Pharmaceris SPF 20 Moisturising Foundation

My reliable and ultimate favourite foundation is the one from Pharmaceris. The most important for me is that it contains SPF 20 sunscreen and natural ingredients. It provides antioxidant and moisturising properties. For my sensitive and dry skin it is just perfect. I use 02 Natural shade, which perfectly smoothes the surface of the face, unifies skin tone and soothes irritations. It has a light formula that does not clog the skin pores, does not cause blackheads and does not create oiliness on the skin. To use the product I use a sponge, and sometimes my own fingertips. The entire make-up is fixed with transparent powder, and I add some blush and highlighter.

Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara

It’s actually a new cosmetic, but it’s already become my favorite. Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara curls and lengthens eyelashes optically opens the eyes and enhances the entire looks. The brush has dense bristles that distribute the product over the lashes and cover them precisely. Rimmel cosmetic has a special technology called Shake-Shake, which keeps the product fresh.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

Fantastic colours, good quality, and nice packaging. That’s how I could define Urban Decay Vice lipstick. My favorite colors are bright roses with a slight sheen that fit my type of beauty and the complexion. Just one stroke with the lipstick and my lips are already full of colour. Vice Lipstick from Urban Decay not only has great coverage. It also contains moisturising and protective ingredients, namely: illipe butter, aloe vera extract, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil and Babassu oil.

Girls, would you like to share what you have in your make-up bags?

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