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New stuff in my make-up bag: Rouge Edition Velvet by Bourjois


Lipstick is one of the cosmetics which should be considered as the must-have taking a special place in a make-up bag. Why? Because it makes the make-up complete, brings out one’s beauty and helps us stay trendy. In fact, this is the very effect delivered by Rouge Edition Velvet by Bourjois.

Why is Rouge Edition Velvet my favourite lipstick?

First of all, quite shocked I was when I learnt that a lipstick may have a liquid formula. Thanks to this feature, Rouge Edition Velvet by Bourjois is easy and fast to apply. What is even more important, the product gives 100% coverage and matte effect, which is considered as a real hit of recent months. And this is one thing. Another thing is that the manner of this cosmetic application can’t be categorised as usual. The regular lipsticks has to be put on using a special small brush whereas Rouge Edition Velvet needs to be applied like a lip gloss. It features a soft sponge which evenly distributes the lipstick all over lips. Thirdly, I find this lipstick by Bourjois as extremely durable. It survives every meal, drink and… kiss. Furthermore, it feels like a second skin to me. I barely feel the cosmetic being applied to my lips.

How has my make-up changed due to Rouge Edition Velvet?

First and foremost, my lips aren’t dehydrated or parched. The lipstick by Bourjois smooths lip surface, replenishes them with moisture and delivers a wondrous effect of make-up. When it comes to application, Rouge Edition Velvet is easier to put on than regular lipsticks, at least to me. The product has an applicator that is cut-at-angle, which enables fast and precise lip coverage. The colour neither smudges nor fades away throughout a day. Thanks to Rouge Edition Velvet you can grade the intensity of colour by adding extra layers. Besides, this French brand has in its offer a few really cool shades. These are beiges, reds, pinks, violets and very popular nudes. My favourite colour is 022, peach-and-coral, which gives a very natural effect.

Does Rouge Edition Velvet have any drawbacks?

Even such a cosmetic like Rouge Edition Velvet by Bourjois has a few minuses. Firstly, it’s the price. I wish the cosmetic cost less, especially because I’d like to reach for it more often. Secondly, it’s a pity that there’s no light shades in the colour range of Rouge Edition Velvet series. I’d be more than happy to give a go to fair pinks, lilac and subtle reds.

Girls, have you ever used Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick by Bourjois?

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