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My TOP 6 Cosmetics worth taking notice of

top 6 cosmetics

Hello my dearests!

Today’s post is the kind of ‘life hacks that will change your life’. 😉

I have been wondering about this kind of ‘disability’ some women gain, especially after entering a drugstore. I don’t know whether it concerns everyone, but I definitely have this problem: when choosing from two product, one cheaper and one more expensive, I always go for the pricey one. it doesn’t matter if it’s a mask, hairspray or any make-up product. I try to convince myself that the less expensive one will not work well enough and it will be a waste of money when I actually could have pay a bit extra and be 100 % satisfied with the results.

What is more, I also noticed that my friends act the same. In the pursuit of beauty, nobody wants to take the risk and fail. Nevertheless, when searching for the best cosmetics, you must stay focused and clear-minded. Instead of purchasing extremely expensive nail polish, or a body balm, it is worth paying attention to the cosmetics you really shouldn’t stint on.

Here is a list of cosmetics that you can, without any doubts, spend money on:

  1. Perfumes
    The truth is that each woman should have a bottle of very expensive and exclusive perfumes on her dressing table. The kind that would not evaporate or lose intensity within an hour. Such perfume must relate to one’s personality, style and the character. Remember that branded perfume is something that will enhance femininity, improve your self-confidence and enhance elegance. It is irreplaceable for important events, a date and all special moments in your life. Also, fragrance stimulates the senses and builds memories.
  2. Eyelash Mascara
    I’m assuming that none of us would doubt this matter: eyelashes make your make-up full and emphasise your looks. Unaesthetic eyelashes, overloaded with layers of mascara that also falls onto your cheeks or into your eyes causing irritations or melts during a rainy day – I’d say: No, thank you. I don’t have to use an eyeshadow, but a mascara? My eyelashes must be long and beautiful. Therefore, I always make sure that my cosmetic is of high-quality. It is best it the product will not only beautify my lashes but also provide proper care.
  3. Face Cream
    Unfortunately: cheap face creams often have a lot of chemical, synthetic and controversial ingredients, at the cost of those really valuable, which should be found in the cream in the first place. Remember that a bad face cream can do more harm than good. Clogged pores, unaesthetic skin, blackheads … Your beautician would probably get a nervous breakdown right now. When selecting the face cream, always make sure to check how much good and evil is in the product 😉 The longer the cream’s composition, the more chemical and comedogenic ingredients, the worse for your skin.
  4. Undereye Cream
    I have my own rule that I choose the under eye cream extremely carefully. it is not only a delicate skin area, but it also ages the quickest. No mascara, or not even the best eye make-up, will hide wrinkles, dark under eye circles, puffiness, swelling or fatigue. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, first of all, buy a good under eye cream. Perhaps there is a different product that you might buy its cheaper replacement.
  5. Red Lipstick
    Just like the perfume – every woman should have a red lipstick in her beauty bag. In this particular case, I do not recommend cheap lipsticks that could rub off, smudge or stain everything around including clothes. When buying a red lipstick, you must be sure that it will stay on your lips, even after a meal. Well, if the make-up artist helps you choose the right shade of red, perfect for your complexion, she will add a suitable contour to make your make-up perfect in every detail.
  6. Foundation
    When buying a foundation, you should have the same principle as when it comes to the choice of a cream: it must be of good quality, it cannot clog pores, nor provide comedogenic action. I have not found the perfect foundation yet, but I’m looking forward to it, and of course, I have a list of favourites that come close to the ideal one…

…but that’s a topic for a different post!:)

Enjoy your day!

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