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More Beautiful in 3 Months! My Hair and Skin Care Plan

Hi, girls!

Many of you must have some hair and skin care rituals. Today, I’ll share my daily treatments and products with you. A healthy diet and lifestyle, exercising, using natural cosmetics and regular beauty care are very important to me. What’s behind my plan MORE BEAUTIFUL IN THREE MONTHS?


If you want to be healthy and have a beautiful skin, give up on cocktails and cigarettes. Your face will never be good-looking if you keep smoking and drinking alcohol. Nicotine and cocktails dry out the skin, trigger the appearance of wrinkles and harm the whole body. Go for green tea; remember to drink one cup a day. What’s more, think about eating healthily. Enrich your diet with fruit, vegetables and unprocessed food. Choose so-called superfoods – products rich in antioxidants.


Use boiled or mineral water for cleansing face skin. Choose delicate purifying products, micellar water or fruit toners. In the evening, thoroughly remove makeup, moisturise the skin with oils and products abounding in nutrients. Remember to hydrate the skin regularly, which will let you keep youthful looks, slow down ageing of the skin and protect from harmful aggressors. Devote around 8 hours to sleeping to take better care of your face and body. Never forget about a moment for relaxation in a peaceful place with a cup of aromatic tea. In the evening, take a shower to remove all impurities, sebum ad sweat. Next, rub a moisturising balm or butter in the skin. Drink fruit and vegetable cocktails, eat fresh products and take diet supplements.


Use a cleansing shampoo and moisturising conditioner once a week. You’ll enjoy amazing effects if you oil your hair. Such a treatment makes your hairdo stronger and more beautiful whereas the scalp – healthier. Condition the skin with masks that you can make using ingredients from the kitchen: avocado, honey, yoghurt, cereals. Trim your nails, remove cuticles and do the manicure. Remember to use vitamin top coats. Exercise at home or gym at least three times a week; combine cardio and strength workouts. In this way, you’ll be fit, healthy and resistant to diseases. Exfoliating the skin and smoothing blemishes (discoloration, first wrinkles, cellulite) also matter. Do a thorough scrub of the whole body; use a drugstore cosmetic, DIY scrub or a special glove.


Coloring hair should be done once a month to keep your hairdo fresh and never be bothered by the roots. Visit a hair salon every four weeks to trim hair ends, do layering or a bang. The end of a month is also a good time for home body wrapping. Do a scrub; apply a slimming or firming product to your belly, buttocks and thighs. Wrap these body parts with a food paper. After 15 minutes, rinse the skin with tepid water. Your belly and legs will be smooth and firmed up. You can remove unwanted hair at the end of the month as well. If you use wax or depilator, be careful to avoid irritation and epidermis damage. After three months… you will be amazingly beautiful.

What is your daily beauty care like? 

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