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May make-up favourites. Cosmetics and brushes

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Hiya everyone!

Nothing makes my day like putting on nice make-up. Especially when I can use my favourite and reliable cosmetics. And because they are really good, in today’s post, I will present some of them to you. The review will also include make-up brushes made of natural materials.

Zoeva Classic Make-Up Brush Set

Soft, well done, handy. That is how I can describe my favourite Zoeva brushes. We buy them along with a black beauty bag. There are brushes of different sizes, suitable for the application of many colour cosmetics. The set includes brushes to apply the highlighter, primer, foundation, powder, concealer, eyeshadow and gel eyeliner. The beauty bag contains eight different brushes. They are brilliant, very soft and they blend the cosmetics very well. What is more, they do not collect and do not absorb too many products, so the makeup is professional and intense.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation 

This is a brand new beauty product available only in selected stores. The Ordinary brand also offers a foundation in a variety of shades and various cosmetics with vitamin C, fruit acids and other nutrients. Serum Foundation is a combination of deep care cosmetics with a make-up product. There are plenty of shades that match the colour of each skin type. The product has a natural composition and it is recommended for sensitive skin.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara

This is one of the better mascaras I have ever had. Cosmetic curls, lengthens and separates eyelashes, visually emphasising the look. The brush has evenly distributed bristles so that each lash is covered with the cosmetic. I apply it before going to work and on various occasions. In every situation, it proved herself great. The cosmetic did not dry off and flake, it did not stain the eyelids and it was resistant to water, sweat and tears.

Dior Addict Lipstick

It’s a really addictive lipstick. Dior’s range is full of colours, from light rose, through bold and extravagant to dark violet. The lipsticks contain oils that moisturise, increase colour durability, smooth the lips and provide a creamy formula. They spread very well and do not rub off when eating and drinking.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette 

This is the third Urban Decay eyeshadow palette with natural colours. There are 12 shades that give shimmery and matte finish. The set is equipped with a double brush and a large mirror built into the lid of the package. Urban Decay eyeshadows are highly pigmented, do not accumulate in the folds of the eyelid and do not fall down on your cheeks. They can be combined and blended the way you want.

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