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Kendall Jenner’s Recipe for Avocado Hair Mask

Hello, beautiful ladies!      

Get ready for a dazzling hairdo that is going to lure every man. Kendall Jenner revealed the secret of her beautiful hair. Today, let me share it with you. I’ve got a feeling it will become your favorite post because the idea is hot and costs very little.

I was also surprised that celebrities don’t use only luxurious and extremely costly products. It turns out that even billionaires like to reach out for natural hair care cosmetics that are simply effective. Neither the price nor the exclusiveness counts; it’s the effectiveness that matters. It isn’t important how you get the product: from a drugstore or make it yourself.

Discover the secret of Kendall Jenner’s beautiful hair!

The celebrity decided to give up on ready-made and full of silicones masks and went for natural, widely-available products. DIY cosmetics rule in hair care routine of women worldwide. No wonder, Kendall Jenner based her beauty care on natural ingredients mixed in a homemade hair mask.

Kendall Jenner Hair Mask: AVOCADO + BANANA + COCONUT

What are the effects?

It repairs hair that got damaged due to everyday heat styling, unsuitable products or hairstyling treatments. Thanks to a large content of proteins, it rebuilds hair structure so hair becomes stronger, smoother and more elastic. The coconut oil provides hair with protection from loss of moisture. Hair is softer and shinier. If you use the DIY mask regularly, it can even boost hair growth.

How to make Kendall Jenner’s DIY hair mask?


  • ripe avocado,
  • ripe banana,
  • coconut oil.


The hair mask used by Kendall Jenner is based on two fruit mixed together. You will easily crush avocado and banana with a fork. Add coconut oil. You can use a blender for a better consistency. Apply the mixture to hair before washing; leave in for at least 15 minutes (in my case, it’s an hour), wash it off and wash your hair. The effects are better when you use a shower cap and warm towel, creating hair sauna.

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