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How to correctly choose and apply the foundation? – The sins you (probably) commit

Welcome my at-home make-up artists!

The foundation that ‘covers well’? As it turns out, it’s a challenge that every third woman is struggling with. How to choose a foundation so that you can be certain that your skin will look flawless? How to avoid heavy and unaesthetic fake effects? Today, I will be sharing with you all the make-up artists’ secrets and simple life hacks that can make your make-up perfect!

How to choose a foundation – too much mattifying

I know you dislike it that every two hours or so, skin starts to shine and your foundation comes up short to sebum. Concerned for make-up durability you often tend to overdo it and buy a highly mattifying foundation with high coverage that makes your face look quite… unhealthy (it’s all dull and you look ill). Second, you entirely unknowingly serve your skin with dryness using such a product so the sebum secretion is going into overdrive (skin tries to protect itself). On the day to day basis, it is best to choose light BB cream which in combination with gentle mattifying powder (e.g. rice) will be all you need to gain flawless skin effect. At the same time, your skin will be healthier.

Application of too bright or too dark foundation

The too-bright foundation is not that bad because you can still make it darker with bronzer. Sadly, the dark foundation is just a very poor choice because it stands out way too much on your face and creates a contrast to the neck and cleavage. Even if you try to darken the other areas so that face wouldn’t look that unnatural, it will either stain your clothes or will be wiped off the body after a few hours or will run down with the sweat… not to mention what will happen if rain catches you. Getting tan with the foundation is never a good idea. If you are notorious for choosing a dark foundation, just ask a shopping assistant or a beautician for help. They can help with choosing the right shade in a professional manner and it can later be your ‘anchor point’ and you can show it in any store as ‘your’ color.

Skin tone matters

Do you have a cold or warm skin tone?

Probably most of you will have eyes widened with bafflement because what does it actually mean and does it matter? Of course, it does. Women with cold skin tones should avoid foundation with warm undertone and those with warm skin tones should stay away from products with a cold undertone. It applies also to lipsticks and eyeshadows. If you do not know what your skin tone is, you can always seek advisement with a beautician or just stick to the neutral tones that look good on everyone.

Mask-like effect

I know that we all have the best intentions and you don’t aim at the mask-like effect but sometimes there is just so much to camouflage… However, instead of applying the third layer of foundation, you should go for a concealer and subtly cover the imperfections. Even the best foundation can roll, gather in the crease, and create an unaesthetic shell on the face if used in excess amount. Be careful especially with high coverage foundation – for make-up, you’ll need just one cherry stone size drop.

Remember that enough is enough and avoid overkill at all cost.

Wrongly applied foundation

It’s a notorious mistake that we somehow do not notice – especially by the ear, on the jawline, and hairline. It looks like the Great Wall of China. I wouldn’t be surprised is the wrongly applied foundation could also be seen from the space. How to avoid this not so cool surprise? Remember to always blend the edges, use less foundation, and spread it with a sponge or brush starting from the middle of the face outwards. This way all the edges will be invisible and the foundation will nicely blend with the skin. Pay attention to the nose area as well because that is where the foundation also likes to gather.

That’s all. Let me know how did my tips help you with your make-up! 🙂

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