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How do I conceal imperfections? Only with Secret Camouflage from Laura Mercier


Hyperpigmentation, dark under-eye circles, broken capillaries and redness are my skin’s worst nightmares. Strengthening and brightening cosmetics do not work as fast as I would like them to. Therefore, during the treatment, I must camouflage the imperfections. To do so, I use Secret Camouflage concealer from Laura Mercier. 

Who can I recommend Secret Camouflage for?

Secret Camouflage by Laura Mercier is a concealer designed for all skin types. It does not contain mineral oils and is not comedogenic. It has been dermatologically tested, so it can be used by people with a very sensitive complexion. It covers all imperfections and builds different levels of coverage. In addition, it subtly illuminates the skin and makes the face look younger and the makeup more natural.

How do I conceal imperfections?

Secret Camouflage by Laura Mercier comes in a compact box with a mirror inside. There are two concealers in different shades. They have a creamy consistency, thanks to which they are easy to apply and camouflage imperfections well. I use a pointed brush for the Secret Camouflage concealer application. I put the spot-on cosmetic on all the discolourations, red spider veins and pimples. The product blends perfectly with the skin tone and the shade of the foundation. It becomes invisible and imperceptible on the face.

How do I take care of my complexion with imperfections? My daily routine

I do not use the Secret Camouflage concealer by Laura Mercier on a daily basis. I take care of the facial skin in a different way. I use cosmetics that strengthen the blood vessels, brighten discolourations and relieve inflammation. These are natural products with the content of acids and vitamins C, K and P, as well as pharmaceutical preparations (mainly ointments and spot gels). Effects? Some discolourations are a little brighter and the redness is less visible. What’s more, my skin is better moisturized and toned. I am waiting for better results. Meanwhile, I will continue using the Secret Camouflage concealer by Laura Mercier.

What are your methods for covering imperfections? Have you ever used Secret Camouflage concealer by Laura Mercier? Share your stories! 🙂

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