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Deep look thanks to Velvet Noir Major Volume mascara by Marc Jacobs


Long and dense lashes are the dream of many women, including me. Since I’m not a big fan of false extensions, I decided to give a go to Velvet Noir Major Volume mascara by Marc Jacobs. Did this beauty product pass the test?

Where did Marc Jacobs get inspiration for the mascara from?

Quite an interesting story is connected with this product. It’s said that Marc Jacobs liked to observe his mother while she was applying make-up. She didn’t use any mascara but false lashes made of individual threads of a velvet ribbon. Black colour of the fabric made the look more deep and thickened the lash line. That was the moment when Marc Jacobs decided to help all women doing eye make-up. Thanks to him, today we can coat our lashes with Velvet Noir Major Volume mascara.

What effects are guaranteed thanks to the mascara?

The producer claims that thanks to this mascara eyelashes will become… 1800% more bold without looking unnatural. Moreover, eyelashes are supposed to become significantly longer and curly. The best part though is that Velvet Noir Major Volume mascara is able to darken lashes, make eyelash root line optically thicker and create the impression of more mysterious and intriguing look. Thanks to Marc Jacobs’ mascara, you can create all kinds of eye make-up no matter of the occasion or season.

How did I use the mascara by Marc Jacobs?

To be honest, I used Velvet Noir Major Volume as any other similar beauty product. Sometimes I applied just one coat, sometimes I added more layers. What’s interesting, the mascara by Marc Jacobs can be used with other beauty products, as well. The brush of the mascara features bristle which adds body to eyelashes and facilitates obtaining the dramatic look.

Did Velvet Noir Major Volume fulfil my expectations?

Definitely, it did. Velvet Noir Major Volume mascara makes lashes thick and long. The most visible though is the darkening of natural eyelash colour. Unfortunately, as it is typical for most mascaras, also this one is rather lumpy. Perhaps it’s due to the dense bristle or not precise coating. Nevertheless, if you care for well-separated and smooth eyelashes, you have to make a use of special eyelash comb. Thanks to this item, your eye make-up will be precise and simply beautiful.

What’s your way of obtaining dense and black eyelashes, Girls?

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