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Parsley in the fight for beauty. My DIY cosmetics

Hey girls 🙂

Do you like parsley?

Do you use it in your cooking recipes?

It appears that parsley has more vitamin C than lemon, it contains multitude of flavonoids, is a source of vitamin B1, B2, PP, glycosides, ascorbic acid, carotenes, potassium, iron and magnesium.

Therefore, it’s worth using it to create homemade, rejuvenating cosmetics. I have to admit that I’ve been using various parsley cosmetics for some time now and I find it being a perfect companion of my face 🙂 For that reason, I would like to share with your a handful of ‘parsley’ DIY instructions. Here are the recipes for amazing cosmetics straight from a windowsill 🙂

♥♥♥DIY – Homemade rejuvenating parsley cosmetics♥♥♥

♥ Rejuvenating face mask from parsley

I grind a handful of parsley in a mortar, add a teaspoon of lemon juice and one/two tablespoons of eco cream/natural yoghurt. I apply is to may face and let it sit there for 30 minutes. Then, I rinse the face mask with water and wipe the skin with a toner (or herbal/tea/chamomile/nettle infusion).

♥ Icy face lifting with parsley extract

Face massage done with ice cubes boots blood flow and works like lifting… now, just think how powerful the massage would be if the ice cubes you use were made of rejuvenating parsley extract! How to prepare such ice cubes? Luckily, it’s simple and fast: Add a half litre of water to 50 g parsley and keep boiling for 15 minutes on low heat. Then, strain the infusion, cool it down and pour to an ice cube tray. I use such cubes to glide it across my face every morning, and I don’t skip my eye skin area. Give it a try, you should be nicely surprised by the effects 😉

♥ Refreshing face mask from cottage cheese and parsley

Combine 2 spoons of cottage cheese with finely chopped parsley (or ground in a mortar). I follow even proportions, which means that I combine 2 spoons of cottage cheese with 2 spoons of parsley. Apply the mask to cleansed face and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then rinse off with warm water.

♥ Parsley infusion for flabby, fatigued skin

Such infusion is also perfect for oily skin type because it is fast to ‘degrease’ skin. Take a bunch of parsley and grind it precisely in a mortar, cover with water and boil. Strain afterwards. You can use the liquid as a toner. I recommend you to add a teaspoon of lemon juice to create a potent weapon against acne and various skin imperfections. When it comes to the parsley leaves residues, you can distribute it on a few-layer gauze or a tissue (cut out the shape of your face). Put the gauze/tissue (covered with parsley) on your face and keep it there for 20-30 minutes. If your parsley pulp starts getting dry too fast, you can damp it with a natural herbal water – just spray the face mask with it.

♥ Lightening up parsley root extract

If the summer sun has left your face skin with marks and unevenly distributed pigment which frequently happens after the summer, you can reach for parsley root extract. All you have to do is wipe your face with parsley juice every day. After more or less 3-4 weeks skin becomes lighter and gains beautiful tone.

♥ Parsley root decoction for fair hair

Do you know that such decoction extracted from parsley juice is also a great hair wash dedicated to fair or lightened hair? If you want to make it, just keep cooking two big parsley roots for approximately 20 minutes. Wash your hair with such decoction – use it the same way as if you were applying a hair wash. Your strands will gain more ash-coloured shade and won’t get yellowish after bleaching.

What would you say for such beauty parsley week?

Do you know any other interesting recipes for parsley homemade cosmetics?

If so, you must leave them below in the comment section. I really want to try them out 🙂

Have a wonderful day! <3

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