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How to rub off rough skin? Marvellous, fragranced DIY scrubs

Hey people!

Today’s entry is rather… invasive.

The perfect one when the summer is over (but not only then).

It’s about how to make skin look pretty, so instructions for getting smooth body and remove this sun-dehydrated (unwanted!) epidermis. Do we really have to spend a fortune on luxurious body scrubs? Luckily, the clash with dead epidermis cells can have a ‘homey’ accent. Trust me, homemade body scrub does work and smells really good. Additionally, each time you can apply other type of body scrub – just follow what you feel like putting on a particular day. Below, I’m presenting you two body scrubs that, in my opinion, are unrivalled.


One of my favourite that I can’t resist – it smells gorgeous and applying it is always connected with relaxation and calming down. I hope that you will like it as well. Green tea displays strongly anti-oxidant action, sweeps free radicals away, smooths out, restores suppleness and young look to skin.


  • sugar (best if it is either brown or reed sugar – they intensify the body scrub’s aroma)
  • your favourite oil
  • green cosmetic dye (best if it is natural or food colourant)
  • loose leaf green tea
  • green tea essential oil (its fragrance <3!)
  • a nice little jar
  • a spoon for stirring

How to make homemade green tea body scrub?

  1. Put 4 table spoons of sugar into a bowl.
  2. Add 1 spoonful of loose leaf green tea that you have to grind before in a mortar so as to get it ‘powdered’.
  3. Combine the liquid ingredients in a separate bowl. Pour the substances in the following order: 2 spoons of oil, 10 drops of green tea essential oil, 2 drops of green for dye.
  4. Pour liquid ingredients to the dry and keep stirring so as to make them combine really well and to help the sugar get pretty green colour.
  5. Put your body scrub to a jar. You can use it for many days, even weeks, provided that it is closed tightly and separated from moisture.


This is a nice smelling and mood boosting body scrub for all the people who like the aroma of chocolate and coconut. The fragrance of this DIY cosmetic itself puts me in a good mood instantly. Another advantage of this coconut and chocolate body scrub is that it’s super easy to prepare. You can make it right now 🙂 I’m sure that all the ingredients needed for the cosmetic can be found somewhere in your cupboards. Cocoa is a potent anti-oxidant, boosts blood flow and works as skin detox, which is crucial especially for cellulite-affected skin. This body scrub helps get rid of orange peel skin – just enrich it with a few drops of grapefruit oil.


  • coconut oil
  • shea butter or (even better!) coffee butter, or olive oil
  • cocoa
  • sugar (brown or white)
  • a nice jar/bottle

How to make homemade coconut and chocolate body scrub?

  1. Put 2 spoons of sugar to a bowl.
  2. Add one spoonful of coconut oil. I need to point out here that coconut oil is very hm… thick and hard when taken out from a fridge, therefore keep it for a while at room temperature.
  3. Add a spoon of cocoa butter, coffee butter, shea or any other type of soft butter. Thanks to this coconut oil won’t get too hard in the scrub. Basically, you can also add a teaspoon of liquid oil (e.g. castor, jojoba, almond, argan oil… just pick your fav one).
  4. Add a spoon of cocoa. Some people like adding a piece of grated dark chocolate or cinnamon, just use what you prefer.
  5. Combine the ingredients so as to obtain an even, beautiful smelling sugar mass. Your body scrub is ready!

Do you like homemade body scrubs? Do you know any recipes for marvellous body scrubs that can be stored for a few days in a fridge? This type of cosmetics are a great gift idea for the closest ones. Good look with your home production! <3

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