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What’s the Best Nighttime Hair Care Routine?

You probably had no idea you can actually care for your hair even while asleep. How to get round to it? Follow our tips and enjoy lovely, healthy hair every single day. I’d like all hair care loving beginners to read on and make the most of the post 🙂

Give your hair a good brush!

Before sleep, brush your hair. Comb out all knots and tangles. This way, you keep hair from tangling at night and need to devote less time in the morning. If you want to make brushing easier, apply a detangler first.

Tie hair up

It’s a good idea to make a loose braid before nodding off. This way, on the one hand, you avoid damage and frizzy, static hair and, on the other hand, get nice natural waves. If you really want this kind of look in the morning, rub some moisturizing product into hair lengths before sleep. You might as well change braid for a high bun.

What to use to tie up hair?

Only soft scrunchies and ties without metal elements work. Don’t use metal hair clips, hard headbands and other gadgets that would damage your hair or scalp. If you tie your hair for sleep, remember to do it gently. Don’t strain your hair follicles because it triggers hair thinning.

Make sure you sleep in comfy conditions

If you want to reduce the risk of hair damage to zero level, put on silk pillowcases which are smooth and gently touch the hair. Don’t choose the ones with buttons or zips which catch on hair causing knots and tangles.

Dry or wet?

Finally, remember to never sleep with wet hair. Damp strands are extremely prone to damage whereas cuticle scales are raised. To make things worse, germs proliferate in damp pillowcases and then move on to scalp causing inflammation. That is why let hair dry naturally or blow dry before falling asleep.

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