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What Causes Split Hair Ends & How to Handle the Problem?

Expensive shampoos, various types of conditioners, hair oil treatments… You apply them regularly but your hair ends are split anyway? Believe me, I know the scenario. It usually happened when I was trying to grow my hair long. Luckily, there are some hacks that help handle the issue! Read today’s post to find out what causes split ends and how to solve the problem.

What causes split ends?

  • The tips of hair are exposed to mechanical damage the most. All kinds of jackets, hats and rough clothes affect them.
  • Split ends may also be the result of combing wet hair out. Wet hair is extremely easily damaged.
  • Brushing hair hurriedly, tugging.
  • Wrapping hair in a towel, causing the ends to rub against it.
  • Blow-drying with the hottest airflow.
  • Frequent coloring.

How to handle split ends?

I’m sorry, I know you won’t like my answer. The ends that are already split need cutting off. Nothing binds split tips back together (even if a conditioner is advertised as the one that can do that). Get the hair trimmed at the salon or do it yourself. Just make sure the scissors are sharp. If you use dull scissors, you will only make the hair worse. Get professional hairdresser’s scissors.

How to prevent split ends in the future?

You need to focus on eliminating all things that cause damage. 

  • Avoid combing hair out when it’s wet.
  • Don’t towel-wrap hair in a turban. Instead, use a cotton t-shirt or paper towel to get rid of excess water.
  • Use warm and cold airflow by turns while blow-drying.
  • Avoid blow-drying the ends, let them air-dry.
  • Use a silicone-based serum to protect the ends. Even daily application is fine.
  • Drink nettle and horsetail teas to improve the hair throughout the length.
  • Get the ends cut down regularly. Do it at least once in six months, ideally once in three months.

How often do you get the hair trimmed? Leave a comment please!

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