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What Are Our Most Common Hair Care Mistakes?


You have no idea you harm your hair every single day. Wrong products, habits or laziness can make your scalp suffer. Check the haircare mistakes to be avoided for a non-stop beautiful hairdo.

You don’t use the right products…

… and wash hair too often. This may get you dry, irritated scalp and thinning hair. If you don’t know which cosmetics to use, ask the doctor. Don’t use strong purifying shampoos and products not going with your hair type. Check the ingredients of your new cosmetics. Make sure they include mild and natural substances for hair hydration, softness and smoothness. Use cleansing products every other week. In this way you’ll do away with sebum, dandruff and dead skin cells on the scalp.

Don’t brush wet hair

Damp hair’s more prone to damage and stretching. Combing wet hair, you expose it to falling out and breakage whereas the ends – to splitting. Before every brush routine, remember to remove the excess water, blow-dry it slightly or let it dry naturally. The choice of a brush or comb matters, too. Choose a wide-tooth comb for thick hair. If your hair’s very dry, avoid natural-bristle brushes.

Give up blow-drying

The heat of styling tools is bad for your scalp and hair. It leads to dryness, split ends, open cuticle scales and the loss of keratin, water, natural color and shine. If you must blow-dry, apply heat protection first. Why don’t you use a cool airflow? Sadly, giving up heat styling is the best choice you can make to enhance your hairdo.

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