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TOP LIST: The best highlighting foundations for summer

What does a complexion need during summer? In my opinion, there is one necessary cosmetic that each woman should use during the holiday period, which is a naturally lightening up foundation that doesn’t only even skin tone but also brings out its shine subtly. If you asked me, I would recommend three products 😉

The main aim of any foundation is to even skin tone and hide skin imperfections. It’s a product that has to match our complexion type. Obvious it is that other type of care is required by dry skin, other by combination or oily skin, and totally different care is expected by acne-prone skin. Moreover, the shade of the product must also correspond with our natural face skin shade.

Foundations to wear in the summer

When it comes to cosmetics for summer, there is one simple rule to follow – they have to be of the lightest formula possible. You shouldn’t overburden your face during the months when temperature is way higher than normally. Of course, this also applies to the foundation that has to be light and deliver radiance – all at the same time. Mate skin doesn’t look natural in the summer because it lacks this obvious subtle sun-kissed skin effect.

LAURA MERCIER – Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation

This is one of the costly foundations but, in my opinion, the highlighting and smoothing effect is delivers is totally wort every penny spent. The product contains oil blend which moisturises skin perfectly and adds radiant make-up finish. Also, the pigments included in Soft Luminous Foundation by Laura Mercier have the ability to bounce back the light and provide very good camouflage. For me, it’s one of the foundations that malts into skin just flawlessly. It lightens up the face without giving this over-exaggerated effect taken from the 80’s disco. To sum up, Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation is perfect for being worn in the summer because it also evens suntan that isn’t always that flawless.

ANNABELLE MINERALS – Radiant Foundation

Annabelle Minerals brand offers three kinds of mineral foundations: camouflaging, mattifying and highlighting. I’m a fan of these foundations because they have a few considerable assets. First and foremost, these are cheap, especially when compared to their efficiency. Apart from that, their powdery formula is exceptionally light no matter the complexion’s type, especially in the summer. Annabelle Minerals, Radiant Foundation bases on four natural and safe for skin ingredients. And the effect? It makes wrinkles less visible, evens skin tone, camouflages discolorations and adds delicate, healthy shine. It does everything what more expensive products do.

RIMMEL – Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Foundation

Just for the balance let me present you something from the middle shelf, which is Rimmel’s highlighting foundation. It’s easy accessible, perfectly known and popular all over the world. I use it as an alternative to Laura Mercier, because it’s equally good at moisturizing and nourishing complexion. Moreover, it contains a hydrating set of ingredients, vitamins C+E, UV SPF 20 as well as highlighting particles. In my opinion, it’s a very cool cosmetic, especially when we count on visible lightening up of complexion with having something light on our face. Rimmel Wake Me Up serves well in the summer but I like to apply it for evening going-outs. The glitter-ish particles sparks in the sun. This product is easy to apply and is fairly long-lasting.

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