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Sunglasses. How to choose the perfect ones?


No matter if the sun shines brightly or not, it’s always worth carrying sunglasses around with you. ‘What for?’, you would ask. After all, solar radiation hits the Earth all year long. You can make a good use of shades even during the winter when the sun bounces back due to snow and hits your face with double the force. As you can see, sunglasses are a very important accessory. Find out which will be perfect for you.

Sunglasses vs. Face Shape

By wearing matching glasses you can make your face look slimmer or longer, you can help yourself look prettier or younger, or become more mysterious… If your face is round, choose either square or rectangular frames of bigger size. You should look good in frames that are bold and clear to notice. When your face is square, choose oval or round frames, so-called pilot sunglasses. Frames that are slightly round at the bottom suit heart-shaped face. And finally, I think that I don’t have to tell you that oval face looks fine with any glasses on. Why is that? Because oval face is perfect!

Sunglasses vs. Face Size

Matching sunglasses with this face parameter depends on, let’s call it, the opposition rule. To clarify, people who have small and slim faces, look good in big, bold-framed sunglasses. When it comes to people with wide and full face, they should go for sunglasses of small sizes.

Sunglasses vs. Beauty Type

As we are well-aware of this, there are four basic beauty types: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each of them is characterized by different hair, complexion and eye colours. These are the very colours you should match your frame colour to. If you go for fair shades, your face will look more subtle. Dark frames make face contours more defined.

Sunglasses – The Most Important Information

The truth is, colour and size of frames are secondary. While buying sunglasses pay a special attention to the type and strength of UV filter. Only professional optician shops have in store glasses that feature such eye protection system. Don’t count on sunglasses bought in a shopping mall or an outdoor market to protect your eyes against solar radiation.

What are your favourite sunglasses? Do you know any other ways of staying away from the solar radiation?

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