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Perfect Brows – The best pomade and tint: My Top 3

I am a big fan of pomade, tint and all sorts of cosmetics for brows that have semi-liquid texture. They just took my heart away and I must say that it was not an easy job to do. In the last couple of months, I have tested numerous products dedicated for eyebrows make-up. This has been true parade of pencil, eye shadow, pen, gel, tint, pomade, wax… the true miracle is that I still have my brows 😀

Among the entire parade, I have come up with three products that I can with a clear conscience recommend. The grand trio is made of one tint, one great pomade in a jar and one powder pomade in a pen.

  1. No one is going to be surprised that its place on the podium has found the classic. Aqua Brow is a queen of all make-up products and does not allow to be dethroned. The brilliant product with natural shades and amazing pigmentation that at the same time allows effortless movement during shaping the brows. There is no clumping and… its texture is just wonderful.
  2. Tiny jar by Inglot holds quite a treat: special eyebrow pomade: super long-lasting, with beautiful shades and wide choice. Pomade has a great texture – not too watery, so it stays on and there is no smudging, nor its too thick (no stains, smudges and is easy to evenly apply on the eyebrows). It is convenient to work with during make-up and it will help you archive the perfect effect: from the light to intense cover.
  3. Maybelline Brow Satin – two-sided brow pencil. This brilliant pencil is basically powder pomade. On one side there is precise, narrow graphite, while on the other side was placed pointy sponge so that you can fill in the contour of eyebrows with sateen powder eye shadow. This pencil is long-lasting and allows you to achieve various effects on your eyebrows – depending on the occasion and how intense you want your make-up to be. At the same time, it is precise and I wouldn’t change it for any other.
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