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My Remedies for Chapped Lips

Chapped lips equal pain, a burning sensation and (to make things worse) really unattractive looks. It is better to keep lips from chapping then heal the consequences of skipping the skin care routine. If your lips are chapped, make use of my tried and tested tricks. Below I present my recipes for homemade lip products and treatments

My remedies for chapped lips

Pretty, healthy lips result from systematic care which comprises keeping lips from over-drying, eating a healthy diet and hydrating the body the right way.

Systematic lip care

On a daily basis, I use a moisturising lip balm made up of natural ingredients, regularly use a scrub, then massage my lips and apply regenerating masks.

I avoid alcohol-based products because alcohol leaves skin dry and irritated. Instead, I use ones enriched with sunblock and numerous natural substances.

If my lips happen to get dry and chapped, I focus on the repair, hydration and replenishment of hydro-lipid layer. I mostly do it using natural food substances found in the kitchen, including:

  • natural oils and butters,
  •  honey,
  •  aloe,
  •  high-fat cream or cottage cheese,
  •  vitamins A and E,
  •  cucumbers.

Natural oils and butters, especially olive oil, Shea butter and coconut oil, are game-changing remedies for dry and coarse skin on the lips. Spread on the lips, they will soothe irritation, regenerate callused skin and leave a natural sunscreen which saves lips from the unfavourable weather conditions. I spread a drop of oil more or less every hour and apply a thicker layer before sleep every few days. Give it a go if you want to wake up with soft lips.

Honey contains amino acids, vitamins and enzymes that effectively moisturise, tighten and exfoliate epidermis. Moreover, it has antibacterial action which disinfects skin wounds and prevents infections from developing. Whenever my problems with lips are intensified, I apply it 2-3 times a day and leave on for around 10 minutes. After a few days, my lips are perfectly moisturised and regain a healthy shade.

Aloe contains substances which intensively moisturise skin and enhance the synthesis of collagen and elastin, in effect, speed up cellular renewal of skin. I apply a thin layer of Aloe on the lips almost every hour and leave it on. If you don’t have Aloe at home, use Aloe gel from a drugstore instead. Make sure it has a high concentration of Aloe and contains the fewest number of artificial boosters.

Cream or cottage cheese which has a high fat level moisturises and softens skin on lips. I apply this mask to the lips once a week and wipe the excess off after 15 minutes.

Vitamins A and E speed up the regeneration of skin tissue and protect skin from action of free radicals, therefore, they will enhance healing your overdried and chapped lips. I rub the content of vitamins A and E capsules in the lips and let them absorb.

And a cucumber. 90% of a cucumber are made up of water and are rich in vitamin C which supports the production of collagen. That is why it brilliantly moisturises and repairs the lips. I cut a fresh, clean cucumber into slices and press them to the lips for a few minutes. In effect, the vegetable gives the juice which soothes the lips.

When I use regenerating treatment for dry lips, I give up on color lipsticks and lip glosses because they make chapped lips look worse. Moreover, the ingredients of these cosmetics could make lips even drier and more irritated.

A Healthy Diet

When your lips are chapped, avoid spicy and sour food because a contact with them might be really unpleasant, or even painful. The healing process may last even over a week so abstain from hot food 😉 Also, if possible, avoid going out, especially when it’s hot, freezing cold or extremely windy.

Good Habits

Try not to lick your lips when it’s cold or windy because that’s what intensifies the pain ad chapping. Instead, apply a protective lip balm.

My Recipes for Homemade Lip Products

Recipe for a sugar lip scrub

When the lips are in a slightly better state but they don’t look their best, I do a natural exfoliation which exfoliates dry skin patches and increases blood flow. In order to do that, I mix a teaspoon of sugar with a teaspoon of a favourite oil (I choose coconut oil), then I thoroughly massage it into my lips and rinse it out. You can do the scrub as prophylaxis once or twice a week.

Immediately after that treatment, I protect the lips with a repairing lip balm. From time to time, I additionally massage my lips with a clean, soft toothbrush. Thanks to that, my lips get a healthy color and the skin is stimulated to produce new cells.

Recipes for lip masks

Done at least once a week, it intensively moisturises and regenerates lips preventing chapping and overdrying. I recommend masks I use myself – with avocado, banana or honey.

To prepare an avocado mask, I crash a fruit, mix it with a chosen vegetable oil and apply to lips. As a result, my lips are moisturised and saved from the weather conditions. Remember that an avocado for your lip treatment must be ripe and soft.

Banana mask is made after mixing fresh banana with a spoon of cream and a few drops of olive oil. I apply the mask and leave it on for 20 mins, then I wipe it off. Bananas and cream will nourish weak skin of the lips.

To prepare a honey-infused mask, I mix honey with a high-fat cottage cheese and apply the resulting pulp on the lips. I leave a thick layer of the mask on for 30 minutes.

What about your ideas for treating chapped lips? Share them in the comments & let me know if my remedies worked for you!

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