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My Home Remedies for Pimples. Check Them Out!

Hey, girls! 

Do you know that things from your fridge, medicine box or cupboard can do away with a pimple? In one day! If you don’t believe it, read my post and try them out. A smooth face guaranteed!

Cheap Pharmaceuticals in Your Medical Kit

I guess each of us has this magic cupboard with sticking plasters, painkillers and ointments. I’m almost sure you’ve got aspirin, ichthammol ointment (black ointment) and zinc ointment. Aspirin mask is a hit in the blogosphere. Just powder a tablet of aspirin, mix it with some water and apply to a pimple. Aspirin contains a derivative of salicylic acid that dries acne lesions. Leave the mask in for 20 minutes and thoroughly rinse it out. Black and zinc ointments ‘pull out’ the pimples and dry them out. Remember that ichthammol ointment is black so cover the pimple with an adhesive bandage before sleep.

Natural Care

I mean tea tree oil, cinnamon paste, castor oil, pansy tea and yeast mask. Tea tree oil has soothing and anti-bacterial power. It’s recommended for sensitive, oily and combination skin. Cinnamon paste eliminates blackheads, dries pimples and makes skin pores less visible. Another natural cosmetic – castor oil – prevents acne breakouts. Spread the oil on the skin and enjoy flawless complexion on the next day. Pansy tea is another popular way to get rid of acne; drink a cup a day from time to time to enjoy a smooth and healthy face. A yeast mask is as effective. Despite the characteristic smell, it deals with acne. Leave the mask in for 20 minutes and rinse it out with warm water.

Original Acne Fixes

Toothpaste, ice cube massage and… hot spoon. Quite original acne remedies. Menthol, baking soda and alcohol – included in toothpastes – dry pimples. On the other hand, they can trigger irritations so apply the product topically and occasionally. If you feel a pimple is going to appear, massage the skin with ice cubes. How does the hot spoon work? Soak it in warm herbal infusion and press to a pimple. It will disappear soon.

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