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Let’s make natural make-up cosmetics. The foundation and blusher

Hi, Girls!

Today we will learn how to make natural make-up cosmetics. These are foundation and blusher (loose and creamy). In spite of not having as long expiry data as the drug store cosmetics, their shade and composition will suit your skin needs. Let’s begin!


There are two methods for making a foundation. First, fast and easy is based on using finished moisturising cosmetic. It can be cream with Shea butter, argan oil and chamomile extract. Second requires preparation of your own base cosmetic. You can use ingredients that I enumerated above or choose such components that match your skin type. Only then add pigment and minerals to the base. Depending on the skin complexion use in various proportions: kaolin, powdered mica, zinc talc and… kakaa.


Creamy blusher

Start with preparing the base for cosmetic. Use products I aforementioned above or make your own moisturising mix. You will need also cocoa, powdered mica and mineral powder. The shade for all cosmetics must be matched accordingly to the skin complexion. The entire thing mix till you obtain unanimous mass and place it in a clean container.

Loose blusher

All you need to do is to take half a tea spoon of arrowroot, kakaa and powdered hibiscus. The proportion should be matched so that the final colour of cosmetic match shade of your skin. Ready products place in a clean and dry container.


Natural cosmetics, which we just made, have the same use as those bought at the drug store. The foundation and a creamy blusher can be applied with a brush or a sponge; you can always apply it with your fingers. The loose blusher is administered with a brush with a soft bristle. Remember that expiry data of cosmetics made at home is much shorter than those bought at the drug store.

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