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I had permanent lip makeup done! Am I satisfied with the result?


As you probably know it, I love lip makeup. If I were to pick my fave look, I’d go for the natural lip color that is enhanced in a subtle way. However, now when we have to wear face masks everywhere, keeping lip makeup untouched is pretty challenging. I came across permanent lip makeup many times, and after doing my private research I decided to give this procedure a go. Which treatment did I choose? Am I happy with the result? Read on 🙂

Why did I get permanent lip makeup now?

It has been over a year since the pandemic outbreak and the governments in most countries instruct their citizens to wear face masks. Because of that I have a small problem with lip makeup. Throughout the last year the majority of my lipsticks ended up on face masks, which is far from looking good, therefore I had to swap regular lipsticks for long-wearing ones which, sadly, dehydrated my lips. I was pretty fed up with this so I thought this is the best time for me to give permanent lip makeup a try. After all, if something went wrong, I would cover it up with a face mask, right?

What type of permanent lip makeup procedure I went for?

Surely you’re aware of the fact that there is more than just one procedure that gives you lasting effects. For example you can choose permanent lip liner, permanent lipstick, 3D or ombre lips. I went for 3D Lips, which to me is the most advanced way of lip coloring. Why did I choose this procedure?

  • It gives me a subtle effect.
  • I can still do regular lip makeup if I want to.
  • It makes lips look bigger.
  • It makes lips look plumper.

Who is permanent lip makeup dedicated to?

Basically for those who want to save up some time and like convenient solutions – just like me. But above all, permanent lip makeup offers an awesome alternative for those with blemishes, scars or uneven lips. This beauty procedure gives them perfectly-looking lips. Since this is a pretty invasive treatment, it’d be better if you got acquainted with contraindications first and ask a dermatologist if you should spend money on the treatment.

Am I happy with the effect?

Yep. I truly believe that 3D Lips is a cool alternative to regular lip makeup. I like the fact that my lips are now continuously enhanced and defined in a subtle way. And this effect will last from two to five years. Will I get lip colouring treatment again? I don’t know yet but I’ll tell you if I do.

What is your opinion about permanent lip makeup? Would you like to get it done? Write in the comments.


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