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Hybrid manicure. How to do it on your own?

Hi, Girls!

We often do our nails on our own, or we go to the manicurist. One time it looks great and the other it is a complete disaster. If you want your hybrid manicure to look professional and for the task to be pleasurable, read my manual below.

Before you do your nails…

…prepare all the necessary accessories and cosmetics. For the hybrid manicure, you will need buffing block, cleaner or a nail polish remover, base, nail polish, top coat for hybrids and UV lamp (or UV/LED lamp). If you have not prepared nail plate earlier, prepare also scissors or nail clipper, file and a wooden stick to push cuticles.

Prepare your nails

Start by cutting nails, then file them the length that suits you and will not impede everyday tasks. Use a wooden stick to push cuticles and what remains file. Buffing block will remove all nodes that could make application of hybrid nail polish difficult. Then clean nails to get rid of all the residues, sebum and other pollution.

Let’s do the nails

Apply some base on the fingernails. It will protect nail plate against discolouration and will make your manicure last longer. The base layer harden for 120 seconds in the UV lamp or 30 seconds in the LED lamp. Then apply two thin layers of nail polish and each of them harden separately in the lamp as you did earlier. To finish, apply the top coat which will protect manicure against damages and will ensure nice shine. Do not forget to finish the hybrid manicure. Use some cleaner to remove the sticky layer and on the cuticles use some conditioner.

How to remove hybrid?

The outer layer of manicure, file, then, wrap each nail with a cotton pad soaked with nail polish remover for hybrids. If you want to get rid of the nail polish faster, additionally wrap fingers with aluminium foil. After 5 minutes, try to lever the nail polish up with a wooden stick. If it does not come off, wait a bit longer and then try again. Remember not to tear the hybrid off because it may damage nail plate and irritate the skin around it.

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