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How to remove tattoo? A few effective methods

Hello Girls,

Your ex-boyfriend’s initials, a poorly-drawn image, an inscription in a foreign language with a weird translation… Not all tattoos are good, and some of them you would like to remove as fast as it is only possible. Luckily, impossible doesn’t exist, therefore, thanks to the present-day medicine and cosmetics, you can say goodbye to these unwanted tattoos. Let me warn you though, most of the methods are painful, costly and occupy much time.

What should you remove a tattoo for?

Tattoo removal is an invasive treatment, fairy painful, therefore, you shouldn’t undergo the procedure just because you are fed up with the image you wear on your skin. You should think twice before you visit a doctor. In which situations should you have a tattoo removed? Remove it only when it puts you in a bad mood, when you associate it with something unpleasant, when it brings back memories connected with a hated person, when it irritates you or just blemishes you.

Tattoo attacked by laser

As far as I’m concerned, this is the most popular method of tattoo removal. What does it depend on? The tint is absorbed by a beam of light. Depending on the skin layer the pigment is injected to, the procedure is repeated from 3 to 10 times. What hurts the most is the cost of such a treatment, yet the procedure itself is also painful; it can cause skin lesions if the beam of the laser is too strong. Anyway, before you decide to get your tattoo removed by laser, talk with your physician first.

Peeling and dermabrasion

These are methods which are less invasive and cheaper than laser. Exfoliating skin due to peelings, dermabrasion and salabrasion (a treatment using sodium chloride) also bring out highly satisfactory effects. These treatments focus on removing epidermis which leads to lightening a tattoo up. Unfortunately, such exfoliation won’t remove a permanent tattoo completely.


You can also just hide the old tattoo of yours. This method depends on injecting a tint in the colour of your skin into the very place where the hated body decoration is located. Depending on the size of your tattoo, you may need more than a few visits in a salon. Equally effective method is to make use of an old tattoo as an part of a new one, coating it or adding several elements – together they can create a complete and better-looking tattoo.

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