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How to choose a body lotion and how to use it? My words of advice

The body lotion should be used throughout the year, but the skin craves it in autumn and winter the most. During these two seasons of the year, the skin is excessively dry due to indoor heating. The body lotion allows you to fill the defects in the hydro-lipid layer of the skin, which is often damaged through cleansing, swimming in the pool, sitting in a dry room or when we are wearing thick and warm clothing. Some substances in the hydro-lipid coating are washed out, abraded or simply used up. It is true that healthy skin regenerates itself, but it can last up to four hours, which is enough to get irritated. For this reason, its losses in the hydro-lipid layer need to be replenished as soon as possible. This task will be fulfilled by a suitable body lotion that will make the skin moisturized and smooth and regain natural pH. At the drugstore, you can find both traditional body lotions and cosmetics for special tasks. In this post, I will answer the questions regarding the types of body lotions and how to use them, and present my alternative way to moisturize the skin.

Types of body lotions 

There are many kinds of body lotions, but the most popular ones include:

Regenerating lotions

They are intended for mature, very dry and flaky skin. They contain vitamin D3 and chestnut galacturonates. Both components restore the balance of the skin in the process of exfoliation of the epidermis and accelerate the production of ceramides. The condition of very dry skin will improve the balm with silk proteins, which will restore its lost smoothness. Also, fruit, especially cherries, have a regenerating effect.

Moisturizing lotions 

They are dedicated to those of you who feel that after each shower their skin is tight. In this situation, make sure to aply a generous amount of moisturizing lotion. Most of them have a light texture and are absorbed quickly. The dried skin will be soothed by cosmetics with oils, for example, avocado oil, which prevents the escape of water and slows down the aging process.

Anti-cellulite and slimming lotions 

If you struggle with cellulite or excess fat, and the skin on your thighs, buttocks, and abdomen has lost its firmness long time ago, reach for cosmetics with L-carnitine, caffeine, Centella asiatica, and extract of ivy. Plant extracts effectively firm and tighten the skin and help get rid of excess fat.

Bronzing lotions 

The skin with a golden shade looks healthy and attractive. If it is your dream, use bronzing lotions on regular basis. Such cosmetics contain small amounts of dihydroxyacetone, which reacts with the protein found in the epidermis. As a result of this reaction, a dye imitating a tan is formed. Apart from dihydroxyacetone, bronzing lotions have been enriched with natural dyes, such as walnut extract and conditioning substances, i.e. amber and honey extracts, vitamin E, panthenol and natural moisturizing factors.

How to use a body lotion the right way?

It’s best to use body lotion twice a day, but if for some reasons it’s impossible for you then just do it at least once a day, after bathing.

Apply moisturizing, nourishing and bronzing lotions to the entire body, and anti-cellulite only to the parts affected with orange peel. If the anti-cellulite preparation has a very light consistency, i.e. it is in the form of, for example, a gel, then immediately after it is absorbed, add a layer of body lotion, but this time use the moisturizing one.

Remember to massage your skin for as long as possible. Some specialists recommend doing it from bottom to top, but this is irrelevant, because each massage will stimulate circulation in the skin, and also accelerate and improve its absorption. Also, regular, preferably weekly, exfoliating scrubs will make the ingredients penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

In autumn and winter, the skin needs better protection, so to ensure it, reach for rish and oil-based preparations. They will be the best solution, especially if you keep applying a balm with a very light consistency, and yet the skin is still dry. You may as well treat it with special intensive treatments. I recommend that you carry them out during the weekend or on holidays, when you have more time for yourself – these types of treatments are worth doing carefully and not in a hurry. The recipe is simple: put on a thick layer of the cosmetic, spread it all over and wait for the ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin. To make it easier for them, limit the clothing to the necessary minimum (for example, stay in your underwear for some time after the application).

My methods for moisturizing the skin 

If body lotions, even those with moisturizing properties, are ineffective in your case, here is my way to moisturize the skin. Just squeeze a large amount of the selected body lotion on the area that needs moisturizing, wrap the body with cling film and cover with a blanket. After 15-20 minutes, take it off and spread the remains of the preparation.

What body lotions do you reach for most often and how frequently do you use them? Are you applying them in a special way? I am waiting for your comments!

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