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How to Care for Hair? 8 Practical Hints

Hair care again? Yeah, I know it’s a repeated topic. However, I still get lots of questions on how to care for hair to keep it healthy, beautiful and as long as mine. I’ve decided to sum up all the hints and turn them into a brief guide. That’s how ‘8 rules for mind-blowing hair’ came into being 🙂

Curious? Read on!

1. Hair blow dryer isn’t all that bad if you follow your reason during the blow dry routine

Many people wonder if a blow dryer damages hair. In most guides, one answer is repeated like a mantra: yes, the dryer is the evil! For example, I must blow my hair dry because without it my hair’s much more frizzy, dull and unruly.

The problem doesn’t lie in the dryer itself. It is about the technique you use. We don’t know what the best, damage-free blow dry routine looks like. That is why we’re left with burnt, lackluster strands. Use your dryer reasonably to see it lets you tame unruly flyaways and get a stunning shape.

Blow-drying isn’t hard. The temperature is the key – use only a cool or slightly warm airflow, never maximum hot. Also, hold the nozzle at the distance of around 8 inches. Another thing that pays off is applying suitable heat protectants e.g. filters or oils keeping hair damage away.

2. Hair needs to keep moisture, I don’t mean water only

Moisturising is another key issue. It is essential for keeping hair healthy, elastic, luminous. I’m sure you don’t know that water you use for a wash isn’t enough to moisturise your hair. Water itself isn’t able to hydrate strands because it evaporates as fast as it penetrates hair.

You need humectants, or substances binding water, e.g. hyaluronic acid, urea, panthenol, Aloe, honey. Look for them in the list of ingredients in hair care masks and conditioners.

3. Protection matters the most – from the sunlight, heat, toxins

In no 1 I mentioned that a dryer isn’t a dangerous tool provided that you use heat protectants. That is true because protection is one of the most important things that hair longs for. After all, natural protection – lipid coat – is washed off with clarifying substances e.g. included in shampoos.

What should we save hair from? High temperatures, overwhelming toxins, UV radiation (the sun), free radicals, mechanical damage e.g. during a brushing routine. Oils are cut out for that, smoothing, leaving a protective coat on hair surface and saving from negative elements.

4. Hair oiling isn’t a one-off treatment, it’s done regularly

Generally, natural vegetable oils are very, very interesting substances. Obviously, you can condition your hair without them e.g. using conditioners (which often contain oils!). However, I swear by a systematic hair oil treatment which is going to give you lots of benefits.

If you reach for hair oils regularly, your hair will be amazing, shiny, vital and regenerated. Why Indian women have so luminous, long hair that we like to admire in Bollywood movies? It’s a world region where hair oil treatment tradition comes from. I’m a fan of natural oils as well and encourage everyone to replace store products with oils that are available online.

5. Fall in love with your natural hair and don’t change it at a push

This rules focuses on not trying to turn natural hair into a completely different hairdo. I know it’s possible. Impossible doesn’t exist. We can wear extensions, have hair colored or bleached, curl it or straighten. Unfortunately, all of the processing procedures destroy our natural hair. Don’t torture your hair! Instead, try to bring out its natural beauty, define its color and curl.

6. Treat hair brushing as a moment for relaxation

You should definitely remember to brush your hair because it’s one of the things making it better-looking. Not only does brushing keep hair from tangling and give a nice shape but also removes some impurities, ensures smoothness and boosts micro-circulation. This results in faster hair growth, reinforcement and volume boost. I simply adore evenings where I can lie down, watch a favorite show and slide a brush along my hair.

7. A shampoo can be addictive so choose wisely

What does it mean that you can get addicted to a shampoo? Some shampoos (especially anti dandruff products) contain substances that hair gets addicted to after longer use. Then, after giving up on the product, you may face up to resistant dandruff, scalp irritation, itching.

Choosing natural shampoos is my remedy for such problems. Interestingly, they are often much cheaper than professional medication shampoos abounding in SLS/SLES, silicones, aromas, etc. Check the ingredients in shampoos; if you’re not familiar with the names of ingredients, go for a hypoallergenic or kids shampoo – you know you won’t apply allergens or substances stripping away the scalp lipid coat.

8. Don’t be afraid of a hairstylist because trimming hair ends matters a lot

Visit a trustworthy hairstylist from time to time (the one who knows what it means when you ask for a tiny trim). The healthiest hair may split and it’s normal e.g. when your hair rubs against the clothes. Mineral ingredients, vitamins, water escape through split ends. Besides, hair is smooth when it has trimmed ends instead of unruly flyaways.

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