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How to camouflage dark circles under eyes? Remedy Concealer Pen by Marc Jacobs Beauty


Dark circles under eyes were always my great beauty problem. They made me look older than I really was and made me look as if I had been continuously exhausted. Luckily, it was changed the moment I used Remedy Concealer Pen by Marc Jacobs. The dark circles disappeared immediately and my face won youthful and pretty look.

Remedy Concealer Pen – Product like no other

In order to camouflage my dark circles under eyes I needed a cosmetic delivering fairly strong coverage, the one featuring highlighting particles, or providing sateen finish. I’ve chosen this Concealer Pen by Marc Jacobs Beauty because it has a few extra features. Mainly, it was this metal tip that lured me into getting the product and the shades of the cosmetic. This concealer is available in nine shades and these are: pinks, beiges, bronzes and oranges. This metal tip has a huge meaning when it comes to skin care because it:

  • relieves swellings and reduces sagging of eye skin area;
  • stimulates blood and lymph flow;
  • delivers soothing to fatigued skin;
  • when cooled down in a refrigerator, it provides marvellous effects;
  • gives quite a kick in the morning, makes you feel wide awaken.

How did I hide skin imperfections?

First and foremost, I chose the shade that matches my skin tone and shade of a foundation. In my case, it was Wake – Up Call 2, very natural, one tone brighter than my face skin. Secondly, I made my complexion ready for the make-up: I applied a moisturising cream and a foundation. I always use the products in this particular order because the effect I obtain suites me better. Thirdly, I applied Remedy Concealer Pen by Marc Jacobs. I applied a very thin layer, approximately 10 mm below my lower eyelid. Although the producer recommend to apply the cosmetic topically, you can follow any application method you like. Fourthly, I used my fingertip to smudge the concealer making sure that it blended with the foundation. Fifthly, I powdered the entire face and finished my make-up.

You might find this useful!

What more should you know about Remedy Concealer Pen by Marc Jacobs? The cosmetic has delicate consistency thanks to which application isn’t troublesome. Moreover, this concealer blends well with other colour cosmetics. It doesn’t gather in the creases, stays on the exact place where applied and is almost invisible. I’m sure this magical pencil will help you camouflage dark circles under eyes and all the swellings and sagging. Additionally, it will make your under eye skin area lightened up.

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