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How many colour cosmetic do we REALLY need?

Hey Girls!

This entry will be a serious discussion with your make-up bag, bathroom shelf and any other place where your colour cosmetics are constantly piling up. It feels so good buying them, doesn’t it? They put us in a good mood, right? Tell me about it… after all this blog didn’t come into existence without a reason. However, with my hand over my heart I can swear that most of these colour marvels I own haven’t had honour yet to top up my daily make-up. I used some products just once, others are STILL waiting for this amazing occasion to happen… Tragedy. I’d rather not count all the money I’ve spent on the colour cosmetics. Does it also happen to you? Perhaps it’s high time to make our make-up bags slimmer? How many colour cosmetics do we really need? Just a few, trust me. A few… and to be more precise – just four.

Make-up cosmetics that we really need:

1. BB cream

A GOOD BB cream that contains many pigments and high UV filter is a true godsend. Sadly, most products bought in a drugstore don’t fulfil the task I want them to. BB cream doesn’t only have to work as a light foundation, after all this mission is accomplished by… a light foundation. Instead, BB cream’s task is to protect, take care and heal skin. Such a cosmetic is supposed to be a ‘beautifying protector.’ For that very reason Korean products are believed to simultaneously be an outstanding panacea to dermal problems and gift skin flawless look. BB cream can be used every day and it’s not supposed to harm skin or work comedogenic. Thanks to this cosmetic, skin doesn’t age that fast, isn’t overburdened or fatigued as it’s typical when using regular foundations which are full of talc, parabens and heavy silicones. Last but not least, BB creams protect skin against damages.

2. Loose powder: Mineral, rice or bamboo

Delicate, mineral foundation is another cosmetic that does more than just leaves skin matte with a satin-like finish. Loose powder that is deprived of synthetic substances knows how to take care of skin. Many women who respect their skin and its needs tend to reach only for a classic face cream (that answers skin needs) and a loose powder. If conditioned and treated in the right way, your skin won’t need anything more to look gorgeous.

Mineral powders are composed only of substances that have positive influence on skin condition. Did you know that the main purpose of creating all the mineral cosmetics was to apply them to skin grafts, scalds, sunburns and any other skin injuries? Primarily, their weren’t only supposed to camouflage and fix skin blemishes but also accelerate wound healing processes. Today, we can also benefit from mineral cosmetics.

3. Mascara

I know, I know, I didn’t discover anything new by including this cosmetic here, on my list. A good mascara is a bliss. Do you know how make-up looks like without coated lashes? To me, it’s really, really disturbing, to say the least.

A mascara is a kind of a magic wand: it intensifies the colour of the iris and it instantly turns us into some wondrous, ethereal beings with magnetizing look, filled with sex appeal. With precisely coated lashes we are more self-confident. Would you agree with me? Therefore, a mascara you wear must be a cosmetic which you can rely on. It must do more than just coat your lashes precisely. A good mascara’s task is to keep lashes look beautiful for the entire day and this means that we expect this cosmetic not to: flake off, leave lashes clumpy, smudge, leave lumps. The best mascaras feature lash conditioning and nourishing substances – keep this in mind the next time you will be looking for a mascara in a drugstore.

4. Eyebrow pencil

Well… undoubtedly Mother Nature wasn’t generous for all of us equally, not everyone is lucky enough to have beautiful natural eyebrows. That’s a little bit sad especially if we realize that owing to well-shaped eyebrows our face wins a kind of a frame. And I’m sure you will agree with me that there is nothing more disgusting like unnatural, cartoonish, spoiling the entire make-up eyebrows. Eyebrow pencil, or any other similar product, helps you tame the brows and shape them right. For that reason, this colour cosmetic is placed really high on my must-have list. If you don’t have to add a few false hairs to your eyebrow line (I usually have to do it) then go for a transparent eyebrow mascara. This cosmetic should be found useful by  all the girls with thick, clear eyebrows. Eyebrow mascara styles and sets the unruly hairs. Also, bear in mind the old trick of make-up artists: the thicker and clear eyebrows are to notice, the younger the face seems to be 🙂

These are 4 the most important make-up products. Obviously, I treat protective balm as a conditioning product, not a colour cosmetic. If you would like to top up your make-up with pink lips and blushes, go for the cosmetic beloved by make-up artists, Hollywood celebrities and stylists – liquid blusher by Benefit. It won’t only colour your lips for many long hours, but also it will enhance your cheeks and make your complexion look fresh and youthful.

What do you think about THIS way of slimming down your make-up bag?

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