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Foray into skiing? Find out how to treat skin during winter

Hello Girls,

If you plan to spend your leisure time getting crazy on snowboard or ski, find out what cosmetics you should carry with you. You need to know how to take care of your skin and protect it against frost, snow and… the sun.

Protect your skin against the sun

I bet you wonder why you should shield your skin against the sun during winter. Indeed, we usually do this in the summer, during heatwave and vacay. However, solar radiation in winter is very strong; and its level is even higher on the ski slopes. Therefore, before you put on ski or a board, apply a sunscreen. Also, remember to protect your body against cold. Hence, go for a rich cream containing vitamins E and F, Shea butter or any other product that moisturises your skin. Do you want to sunbathe on the slope? Use sunscreen with high SPF and wear shades.

Take care of the lips

You don’t want your lips to be chapped, dry and in pain, do you? Your mouth features just a small amount of sebaceous glands, therefore the lips are exposed to dehydration and irritations more than other face parts. For that reason, shielding your mouth on the slope is so crucial. Use moisturising lipbalms, petroleum jelly and other protective creams. Also, try not to lick your lips nor bite them when you are talking a winter stroll, unless you are on a date, naturally.

Hands and feet

These body parts are said to be the most prone to the action of cold and frost. Before you get on the slope, protect hands and feet coating them with a cream and then put on warm socks and gloves as well as toasty shoes. Moreover, the most important rule concerning the outfit is that you have to leave small space between your body and the clothing for the air to circulate freely. In this way, you can avoid, scrapes, excessive sweating and, what is the most important, catching a cold.

A little warm up?

If you got frozen to the bone after skiing or snowboarding, drink something which is warm and healthy. For example, you can mix ginger, lemon, honey and cinnamon with warm water. In short, you can put ginger and juice squeezed out from a half of lemon into a glass, and cover them with hot water. Slice the other half of the lemon and add honey. Mix thoroughly. Enjoy!

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