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Face Contouring Make-Up – Never Make These Mistakes

We all want our makeup to be mind-blowing and flawless, don’t we?. We use the best foundations and mega-long-lasting powders, eyelash-lengthening mascaras, eyeshadows launched by famous brands. Face contouring products are critical for the perfect makeup, too. If you already have them, it is time you mastered the way to use them. Check mistakes to be avoided while enhancing your face.

What is face contouring?

Face contouring involves applying specially-designed products to enhance the looks. This kind of makeup technique requires two or even three types of products: a cool toned bronzer, a highlighter and a warm toned bronzer. Contouring focuses on making the face contours and shape look different through playing with lights and shadows, as well as various shades of products.

The most important contouring rule says you apply light shades to highlight chosen face parts and use dark tones to camouflage the flaws. Thanks to such makeup tricks, you can enhance cheekbones, slenderize the face or make the nose look smaller. A cool toned bronzer creates the shadows whereas the highlighter reflects the light and enhances some face parts.

5 Face Contouring Deadly Sins

1. Face shape contouring

Many girls apply a bronzer too low. The must-follow rule says that this product must be applied below the cheekbones. If you go down too far, your face looks older and disproportional. So, how to properly apply a bronzer? Start at the upper ear area and move towards the lips. Remember about other face parts: forehead, temples, nose and jawline. For a desired effect, a bit of the product will do.

2. Wrong tone

Too warm, infused with orange pigments, applied in too large amounts. Don’t use such products for face contouring, let alone applying too much. Warm tones work better for giving the face a suntan or enhancing natural tan. On the other hand, cool tones are cut out for contouring – make sure they don’t contain gray pigment.

3. Too much of a good thing

There is nothing wrong in makeup on condition that we know the word moderation. You mustn’t overuse contouring products – if you do, the effect of cake face and older-looking skin is guaranteed. Avoid strong tones and large amounts. Less means more here.

4. The light has come…

Don’t apply extremely light, white-like products or people around you will start worrying and asking if you’re sick. To make things worse, by applying a light under-eye concealer, you might get white spots which never look well, even in photos. If you want to camouflage dark under-eye circles, use as little of the concealer as possible.

5. Blend

Rubbing and mixing face contouring products is a critical step which gets you closer to the natural effect. It is a must-do to hide the edges of the applied products. Leaving them unblended gives a ridiculous look. Use a brush (dry application of a bronzer) or sponge (wet application of a bronzer).

Face Contouring – Must-Follow Rules

Enhancing the face shape is quite challenging. Before mastering the technique, let’s experiment with products, tones and brushes. Also, let’s learn the structure of our faces, define their flaws and assets. Let’s try out various face contouring techniques and accessories, and choose products using error and trial method.

What are your ways to get a flawless face contouring make-up? 

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