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DIY Beauty Treatments. My Ideas for Each of You!

Hi, pretties!

You don’t need to run to a beauty salon every month and spend fortunes on beautifying and rejuvenating procedures. There are treatments you do at home – for chump change. Read the post to learn about home skin care.


Another name for exfoliating dead skin cells with acids. All you need to do is buy acid-infused products at a chemist and start the treatment. There are a few rules to be remembered. The chemical peel can be done only in autumn and winter. You must choose the right concentration of acids and observe your skin reactions. How do acids work?

AHA Acids:

  • hydrate the skin and reduce wrinkles,
  • help treat acne, brighten pigmentation spots and reduce the scars,
  • boost the exfoliation of the epidermis,
  • enhance the synthesis of collagen and elastin,
  • illuminate grayish skin.

Examples of AHA acids: glycolic, mandelic, lactic, malic and shikimic.

BHA & PHA Acids:

  • have anti-inflammation properties and make wounds heal faster,
  • intensively moisturise the skin,
  • control the function of sebum glands.

Examples of BHA and PHA acids: azelaic, salicylic and lactobionic.


The treatment involves purifying the surface of the skin. Use a special device that emits ultrasounds (available online) to turn water in the body into cleansing bubbles. The bubbles rip impurities off the face whereas ultrasounds boost lymph flow, reduce under-eye dark circles and close broken blood vessels.


It works for all skin types. Its task is soothing irritations, delivering nutrients and alleviating the skin after other cosmetic procedures. Algae masks are recommended for ironing the wrinkles and tightening and illuminating the skin. You can make your own mask with ingredients available online. Just follow the instructions to see amazing effects after a few uses.

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