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[DIY] 3 perfect facial toners that will improve your skin


Recently, I’ve found myself incredibly interested in natural beauty products. For a couple of weeks now I’ve been sitting at home and creating some magical potions as if I was some mad alchemist. Soon I’ll run out of flour, charcoal, aspirin, tea and herbs but instead my hair will be thick, nails strong and complexion flawless. I also realized that although I do have plenty of drive to prepare DIY cosmetics, I’m not an enthusiast of advanced and complex recipes. I strongly believe that the simplest things are the best, and as I verified it myself, they are also pretty effective. Therefore, today I’ll present you three recipes for perfect facial toners that are far better than the store-bought ones. Preparation – easy. Effects – out-of-this-word! Here they are.


The world’s simplest facial toner that is surprisingly effective. Green tea offers us the power of antioxidants, it takes good care of skin, soothes epidermis, combats free radicals, relieves inflammations, cures acne and erases various skin imperfections.

If you want to treat your skin with such face toner, brew green tea leaves (forget the tea bags) and cool it down. Pour into a clean bottle. Your facial toner can be used for approximately 5 days.


You can expect this facial toner to cleanse your skin, tonify it and soothe. If I’m not mistaken, you can get fresh lavender in any herbal shop, or you can grow it at home, on the windowsill. Okay, once you have the lavender, look for some apple vinegar and flaxseed gel. How to do it? Cover flax seeds with boiling water and let it sit for a few hours. Then you can collect the gel.

Pour 100 ml of apple vinegar over a handful of lavender. Put it aside for a few hours; I guess, 6 hours should do. Now, strain it and combine the liquid with 1 tablespoon of flaxseed gel. This is it. You can use your lavender facial toner for more or less two weeks.


Here you can also use some lavender. Use a handful of peppermint, lavender and melissa each. Let me just add that the melissa is optional, but I’d suggest you to add it to enrich your facial toner with additional properties.

Infuse the herbs in approximately 250 ml of water, keep it under the lid for an hour or two. Then strain the infusion and pour your homemade cosmetic into a bottle. I use only bottles with atomizer since it’s easier to apply the facial toners. This mint/lavender mist works best during hot days. I spritz it over the face, neck, chest, shoulders and sometimes even my back.

How to upgrade a facial toner?

This is a tip that can be used in the case of ready-made facial toners as well. In short, you can always enrich such products with natural substances that you know serve your skin right. Therefore, follow my advice and test various natural oils (e.g. argan, avocado, jojoba, etc.) and essential oils (e.g. lavender, orange, eukaliptus).

Did you know how much you can win if you give a massage to your face regularly? The effects would be even more noticeable if you do this with something cool that will improve blood circulation in your skin. Therefore, you can use one of the above-mentioned toners and freeze it. Just pour them into ice cube trays. Such herbal ice cube will improve your skin in a snap. And this solution is perfect for the summer.

Are you fans of diy beauty products?

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