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Coffee in Beauty Care. Why Is Coffee SPA Good For Us?

Black coffee effectively stimulates us to work. It is not only because of filling us with energy. Coffee has a beneficial influence on the appearance of our hair and skin. This is what motivates us to follow the natural beauty routine.

At least in my case, coffee has become a favourite – as an aromatic morning drink and a beauty product 🙂

Today, I would like to change your look at the natural care. Many people think that it is expensive, ineffective and problematic. Where can you get all these oils to make home products? How much time does it take? You are wrong. You will not have to spend lots of money or time.


Natural coffee is a perfect example of an ingredient that we have at our fingertips and can use for a daily beauty routine. Would you like to learn more about its benefits? How to use coffee in skin and hair care? Read on!

  • It is a sensational anti-wrinkle product. Believe it or not, coffee works better for skin than the most expensive anti-ageing creams. It owes such properties to a large content of caffeine that increases blood circulation, prevents the occurrence of bacteria and inflammation. Caffeine delays ageing processes – no wonder cosmetic brands like to add coffee extracts or pure caffeine to their products.
  • It is perfect for weak hair. Coffee also works for hair that does not want to grow. You will quickly see the effects of using coffee scalp masks, lotions or gentle scrubs. Coffee is an ideal hair growth booster because it reinforces and stimulate hair bulbs, and reduces thinning.
  • Coffee removes shadows under the eyes that I sometimes get due to a sleepless night. Using a coffee facial mask regularly brightens the under-eye skin. When I add an egg white and honey to the coffee grounds, I get a mixture that moisturises, nourishes and gently exfoliates the skin under my eyes.
  • Do you know that the ingredient is also great for enhancing suntan? Most bronzing lotions contain coffee. I like to make a DIY balm – mix coffee grounds with milk and olive oil. I must wash the mixture off the skin but the cosmetic is worth the effort. It slightly darkens, adds gloss, defines the natural tan and keeps it long-lasting.
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