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Bubble Spinner? Lush Comes Up With a New Product!

I love to enrich baths with bubble bombs, pieces of dried fruit or flower petals. When I found out that Lush had launched Fidget Spinner body product, I knew I had to test it. Have I ordered the gadget? Of course not! Fidget Spinner bubble bars sold out in a flash. For consolation, I wrote a post that may encourage you to buy this original product.

What does it look like?

I guess everybody knows what Fidget Spinner looks like. I don’t need to tell you how to use it either. Fidget Spinner bubble bar is the same as the kids’ toy. Playing with the product is as fun. Lush Spinner consists of three circles in blue, yellow and pink color; they’re joined with a white element with a hole. If you put a wooden peg inside the hole, the cosmetic turns into a toy. Cool, isn’t it? Instead of scrubbing your body in the tub, you play with a beauty product.

Fidget Spinner Tastes & Scents

Lush is famous for producing natural cosmetics so Fidget Spinner contains fruit extracts. The product includes lemon oil, grapefruit oil and lime oil. The first one purifies, illuminates and strengthens skin. The second one delivers freshness and vitality whereas the last one – protects body from free radicals.

Safety for Your Skin

Lush products – including Fidget Spinner bubble bath – are fully safe for skin. Natural ingredients keep it healthy, work for sensitive skin and don’t cause irritations. What’s more, Lush doesn’t test its ingredients and products on animals. They are ideal for vegetarians and vegans.

Do you like the new Lush cosmetic-toy? If so, I hope you’ll manage to order Fidget Spinner bubble bar. 

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