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Brilliant homemade translucent loose setting powder. White clay and all that jazz

Hey Girls!

Let’s be a little bit creative today. I hope that you find colour cosmetics equally important as skin care products. Actually, the thing that I want to show you today is a combination of both. In other words, I’d like to offer you makeup which awakens your inner creativity. Ok, let me get to the point, I want to share with you the idea on how to create a high quality homemade DIY beauty product.

The truth is, you won’t even get tired while preparing this cosmetic, you won’t even make a mess 🙂 because white face powder is really simple to ‘produce.’ Why do I recommend it? Because its wear is surprisingly long and the effects it brings out are really magnificent. There is another huge advantage of this product to mention. Since it serves all skin types equally well, you can make one to give it as a gift to your best friend. Just make sure that you put it into some nice-looking palette.

Why this homemade white face powder is said to be better than a regular one? It’s pretty simple: the latter clogs skin pores and frequently contains this harmful for human organism aluminium slats. Indeed, it leaves skin matte but this takes its toll – in most cases, these are imperfections that start appearing on the face. Generally, a regular powder available in a drugstore is comedogenic and mattifies skin only for a short while.

The homemade face powder that I want to offer you today is delicate and translucent. To produce it, I use only white and natural ingredients that when applied to skin don’t change its shade at any degree. It’s really gentle and doesn’t make face whiter.

Mind you! My recipe is just a starting point to various free variations on white face powder and which complexion it’s supposed to match to. Therefore it can be enriched and mixed with for example green clay (preferred by oily and couperose skin types) or brown carob (locust bean gum) which is perfect for people whose complexion is dark. These two ingredients are great at improving skin tone and additionally they nourish the skin. After all, as it’s typical for natural substances, they contain an array of vitamins and minerals.

The basic version of loose powder looks really simple but naturally there is greatness hidden in this simplicity.

DIY: Homemade translucent loose powder – Recipe

Just mix the following ingredients together:

  • white mineral clay,
  • rice powder (you can also use regular rice flour),
  • a pinch of potato starch.

In most cases, I mix the ingredients using the following proportions: a tablespoon of clay and rice flour with a teaspoon of potato starch. I combine all the ingredients thoroughly and pour them into an old compact case that I haven’t thrown out. Basically, you can get an empty plastic container with a sifter on the Internet. Of course, the container doesn’t have to come with the sifter therefore if you don’t have one, you can use any clean plastic jar.

DIY: Homemade translucent loose powder – How to apply?

Naturally, you will need a big, fluffy brush to put on your homemade translucent loose powder – best if with short handle, professionally called kabuki and unprofessionally (by my boyfriend) a shaving brush. The most preferable brush is made of natural bristle because it deals best with application of loose cosmetics. Pour really small amount of the homemade product onto a lid, dab the brush in it, tap excess product back into the lid and then start applying it to your face by pressing the brush to your skin. In other words, stamp the face with the brush instead of ‘sweeping’ it with the brush.

Homemade translucent loose powder doesn’t have any particular expiration date but you have to remember that you will expose it to be in contact with a brush that isn’t so often washed – as a consequence, you transport the bacteria from your face to the powder. For that reason, mind your brush cleanses. Then you can be sure that your homemade translucent loose powder will serve you for a year or even longer.

At the end, let me just enumerate a few pluses of using translucent loose powder in makeup, its effects and benefits.

  • It displays skin nourishing, regenerating and lifting properties.
  • It works fine in taking care of dry, delicate, sensitive or fatigued and mature (with signs of aging) skin types.
  • It disperses light, smooths skin and fills in fine lines.
  • It brings relief and accelerates skin healing processes.
  • It evens skin tone.
  • White clay is gentle and doesn’t trigger irritations.
  • It leaves skin matte for many hours.
  • Makes skin velvety smooth.
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