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A/C vs hair and skin. Should we fret?

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I can imagine that many of you work in an air-conditioned environment, drive or ride in air-conditioned cars/buses/trains, some of you even use A/C at home. But do you know how air con affects our skin? Let’s find out whether the impact is positive, neutral or negative.

A/C: for or against?

It goes without saying that during summer air conditioning is a huge convenience, especially at work. Sadly, it’s proven that a long exposure to air-conditioned environment has an adverse effect on our entire organism. To clarify, humidity in air-conditioned rooms is low, which can be seen by looking at our skin and hair. In short, dry air causes damage to the natural barrier that our skin and hair creates.

How does A/C influence our skin?

Unfortunately, air-conditioning negatively affects the state of skin, regardless of its type. This device dries out air which disturbs natural hydro-lipid barrier of our skin. For example, if your complexion is dry, you’ll be fast to notice that your skin gets red, rough, peels off and stings after spending a few hours in an air-conditioned room. When it comes to oily skin, well, it starts producing even more sebum which translates into bigger amount of blackheads that follow a few days later.

How does A/C influence our hair?

As it’s easy to guess, air-conditioning doesn’t only do harm to skin but also damages hair. Strands become dry, rough, dull and prone to breakage. The worsened condition of hair is caused by the fact that water gathered by hair evaporates fast when exposed to dry environment.

How to shield your skin against A/C?

If you want to minimize the adverse effect of air-conditioning, follow the rules listed below:

  • drink one and a half liter of water a day
  • use moisturizing creams
  • apply face scrubs and hydrating masks regularly
  • use face mist
  • apply natural oils and balms
  • reduce the number of product that dehydrate your skin
  • use air-conditioning wisely

How to shield your hair against A/C?

In order to prevent the negative impact of air-conditioning on hair, follow the rules listed below:

  • use protecting oils
  • apply hair mists
  • maintain the adequate level of hydration

Do you have any proven ways of shielding your body from A/C? Please, share your thoughts below.

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