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3 weeks with Nanobrow. Do I recommend this eyebrow serum?

I used to have thin and weak eyebrows. Yet three weeks ago I was focused mainly on looking for the best offer for semi-permanent eyebrow make-up. Why?

A few years ago everybody wanted to have thin eyebrows. This was a trend that almost every woman followed. Obviously, I was one of them so I made use of my tweezers more and more often. As a result, after many years of doing this, my eyebrows just stopped growing in some places, they are sparse and their general condition weakened. I knew I had to do something about it. The question was: what?

I was completely helpless. Nothing seemed to work – castor oil, vitamin E capsules, coconut oil or even olive oil. Absolutely nothing worked to regenerate my eyebrows. Then one of my friends told me about Nanobrow.

Eyebrow Serum – Nanobrow

This is a professional product that focuses mainly on regeneration from the inside. It contains a complex of strengthening, moisturising and caring ingredients that improve the condition of eyebrows from the inside, directly from the hair bulb to the tips.

According to the manufacturer, Nanobrow:

  • moisturizes and nourishes,
  • accelerates growth,
  • thickens eyebrows,
  • hinders hair loss,
  • darkens,
  • adds shine and elasticity,
  • provides protection.

All of it is possible thanks to a set of appropriate ingredients, including plant extracts. Detailed information about the composition can be found on the official website – I recommend you to check it if you’re interested.

Let me just briefly explain that the substances responsible for making Nanobrow so effective compose a blend of 4 best extracts: Scutellaria baicalensis, soy germ, wheat germ and ginseng. When combined with other brow growth promoting substances, as well as with arginine, panthenol and other humectants (Nanobrow has several important substances in total), they all work comprehensively to boost appearance of brows day by day.

How to apply Nanobrow?

Initially, I thought it would be difficult to apply runny formula in such a way that the product stays on the eyebrows. It turned out that it was not a problem because (1) you need just a minimal amount and (2) it absorbs quickly.

It is very easy to apply Nanobrow to the eyebrows because it has a very comfortable, precise applicator. Its soft tip applies just the right amount of formula.

What’s important! Before applying Nanobrow, you need to remove make-up. It is best to use before bedtime so that it works on your hair overtnight.


1st week

My eyebrows did not change much in the first week after using Nanobrow. I believe they were simply too damaged for me to see any results so soon. It doesn’t mean, however, that nothing changed! My hair finally began to shine, they became less stiff, the colour improved.

2nd week

In the next few days I noticed that my eyebrows began to grow in places where I have not seen them in a very long time. I finally regained my lost hope. I started to believe that I could have my beautiful, thick eyebrows back. Thanks to Nanobrow, my eyebrows became strengthened, thicker and darker. Because the appearance of my eyebrows significantly improved, my self-esteem was finally rebuilt!

3rd week

The real change came in the third week of using Nanobrow. Not only were my eyebrows healthier and darker, but also denser, which contributed to my general appearance. Today there is no need for me to reach for eyebrow pencil every time I want to go out. I feel I can go out without any make-up.

My opinion – 10/10

In conclusion, I want to say that I totally fell in love with this product and even more in my new eyebrows <3 I recommend Nanobrow to everyone who is not satisfied with the appearance of their eyebrows. I am sure that you will not be disappointed with how Nanobrow works because its properties are really invaluable. At this price you will not find any product which is that effective and, at the same time, gentle for the sensitive eyes. End of story!

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  • Clover

    I wondered buying Revitabrow but after reading your review I think I’ll go for Nanobrow – it’s cheaper and from what you write works amazing 🙂

  • Pepper

    I’d give it 9/10 (it’s high!) because there are cheaper serums out there…

    • Alexandra Alberts

      Pepper, you realize that cheaper doesn’t mean better, right?

  • olivia-1978

    Agreed. Nanobrow is my key to beauty and there’s nothing better!<3

  • Juicy Lipstick

    I wondered if you can use it on brows after permanent make-up. The info was nowhere to be found and I decided to try it after all. It’s a good thing cause today, instead of thin brows I have beautiful, thick and expressive brows as ever.

  • OMG

    I’m in love with Nanobrow too

  • rebecca


    • cats all around

      to be true I waited a month for results but still I’m very satisfied because I nver had such expressive brows (without make-up)

  • Miss Joanna

    Thanks for the review because I was thinging of getting permanent brows but now I think I’ll first try Nanobrow. Who knows maybe I’ll have cool brows without pricey treatment. Fingers crossed 😉

  • invisible-she

    isn’t it a bit too thin? I’m afraid it will run down my eye

  • Ines Martins

    On the second week my brows started growing back, I was super happy because my sister’s wedding is coming up and I had a waxing accident so time was of imprortance. Heartly recommend Nanobrow, works superb!

  • Justine

    10/10 from me too, Nanobrow is the best serum for brows, looks nice and has natural effect.

  • KatePe

    My skin is super sensitive, i’ve got allergies from everything and sadly most eyebrow serums too but Nanobrow is different, 100% safe, I’m glad I’ve got myself talk into it and that I tried it because now my eyebrows look PERFECT!

  • PowderGirl

    LOVE!!!! I’m sooo in love Nanobrow!

  • Violet

    You’re right, its serum with best opinions, effect just cant disappoint, 10 from me!

  • babygirl27

    Hi. Where to buy nanobrow?

  • Teddy

    My brows were super damaged so it took around 5 weeks to grow back, maybe more, but no other serum has helped until I found Nanobrow.

  • Justine321

    … no one can convince me that castor oil works as good as this baby!

  • Angel

    Got Nanobrow too along with my friend, we use it for about a month and we both see change, this serum works great!

  • DonnaStewart

    My brows get super dense now so I gained entirely new brow shape. Im exited about those results, nanbrow is to recommend to everyone, never heard of anyone who wouldn’t be satisfied 🙂


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