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How to correctly choose and apply the foundation? – The sins you (probably) commit

Welcome my at-home make-up artists! The foundation that ‘covers well’? As it turns out, it’s a challenge that every third woman is struggling with. How to choose a foundation so that you can be certain that your skin will look flawless? How to avoid heavy and unaesthetic fake effects? Today, I will be sharing with...Read More

How to choose a body lotion and how to use it? My words of advice

The body lotion should be used throughout the year, but the skin craves it in autumn and winter the most. During these two seasons of the year, the skin is excessively dry due to indoor heating. The body lotion allows you to fill the defects in the hydro-lipid layer of the skin, which is often damaged through...Read More

Thermal water in my daily skin care routine. Which thermal water is the best?

The first time I heard about thermal water was from my friend. The girl loves traveling and thus, she’s crazy about multipurpose and all-natural cosmetics that you can always have at hand. As is turns out, thermal water is one of those cosmetics. I didn’t take long for me to fall head over heels with...Read More