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How to camouflage dark circles under eyes? Remedy Concealer Pen by Marc Jacobs Beauty

Hello! Dark circles under eyes were always my great beauty problem. They made me look older than I really was and made me look as if I had been continuously exhausted. Luckily, it was changed the moment I used Remedy Concealer Pen by Marc Jacobs. The dark circles disappeared immediately and my face won youthful...Read More

My fav of the last month: Comforting Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream by Yves Rocher (Riche Creme)

yves rocher riche creme
Under eye creams are my weak spot. The moment I noticed (terrified) that skin around my eyes had been changing, I was peering the offers of various cosmetic brands and examining compositions of their creams. I have to tell you honestly that it’s hard for me to find a decent under eye cream. Indeed, it...Read More