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My ways for smooth skin. Homemade peeling and exfoliating soap

Hello Girls! I have to tell you that I notice myself having this increasing willingness to experiment in my kitchen and make natural cosmetics. Recently, I decided to use sea salt and Himalayan salt, which replaced sugar in my peelings. It works so marvellously that I’m going to share with you two recipes that include...Read More

Do It Yourself: Ointment for dry foot skin

Hiya! Dry feet, cracked heels, damaged nails. Unfortunately, many of us have this kind of problems. It’s not that bad during winter, but in the summer dehydrated and cracked foot skin looks really bad. Is there anything to overcome this obstacle? Of course, it is. Homemade ointment will do the work. Cracked Heels – Reasons...Read More

Let me reveal the secret of slim body without exercising

How to lose weight without exercising? It’s possible because the proper diet constitutes 70% of the whole success. The remaining 30% is made up from physical activity which doesn’t necessarily focus on tedious leg swings in the sweat of our brows. Let me reveal my secret to you. My metabolic rate isn’t that good I...Read More