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Color Madness on the Lips! Tom Ford Ultra-Rich Lip Color Lipsticks

Hello! There’s no make-up without a lipstick. I always use a lipstick, lip gloss or balm. Tom Ford Ultra-Rich Lip Color Lipsticks are my favorites now. How do the products work? What hues are there? Which ones did I choose? Color & Care in One – Tom Ford Lipstick Tom Ford Ultra-Rich Lip Color Lipsticks...Read More

A featherlight makeup? It can be true but only with Lingerie de Peau Aqua Nude foundation from Guerlain

Hello! Probably most of you would like to have flawless makeup and do not feel it on their face. If you ever wondered what it’s like, go ahead and try out a foundation form Guerlain – Lingerie de Peau Aqua! Effects? Read the post and you’ll know everything!  How to apply Guerlain foundation? If you want...Read More

How to camouflage dark circles under eyes? Remedy Concealer Pen by Marc Jacobs Beauty

Hello! Dark circles under eyes were always my great beauty problem. They made me look older than I really was and made me look as if I had been continuously exhausted. Luckily, it was changed the moment I used Remedy Concealer Pen by Marc Jacobs. The dark circles disappeared immediately and my face won youthful...Read More

Let me reveal the secret of slim body without exercising

How to lose weight without exercising? It’s possible because the proper diet constitutes 70% of the whole success. The remaining 30% is made up from physical activity which doesn’t necessarily focus on tedious leg swings in the sweat of our brows. Let me reveal my secret to you. My metabolic rate isn’t that good I...Read More