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TOP LIST: The best highlighting foundations for summer

What does a complexion need during summer? In my opinion, there is one necessary cosmetic that each woman should use during the holiday period, which is a naturally lightening up foundation that doesn’t only even skin tone but also brings out its shine subtly. If you asked me, I would recommend three products 😉 The...Read More

Carob – beautifying alternative to sugar that can be added to coffee and face masks

Hello, today’s entry is going to be partly connected with cooking and partly connected with cosmetics 🙂 Undoubtedly, the hype about new alternative forms of everything which can make our coffee more sweet without leading to gaining more pounds, enlarging cellulite and causing diseases is on! It’s obvious that regular sugar has it called the...Read More

Alum in cosmetics. Beneficial or harmful?

Hi, Let me invite you to my first (and perhaps not the last one) entry on ‘ingredients in cosmetics.’ This time, on the tapis we have alum which is an extremely popular mineral added to no-aluminium deodorants, these high-sounding eco products. Is it really that safe as it’s said to be? It all began some...Read More