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Alum in cosmetics. Beneficial or harmful?

Hi, Let me invite you to my first (and perhaps not the last one) entry on ‘ingredients in cosmetics.’ This time, on the tapis we have alum which is an extremely popular mineral added to no-aluminium deodorants, these high-sounding eco products. Is it really that safe as it’s said to be? It all began some...Read More

The Most Effective Ingredients in Anti-Aging Creams – My TOP 8

Drugstore shelves bend under anti-aging skin care products. How do we know which creams to choose? What should an ideal anti-aging product contain? Take a look at my choice of the most effective ingredients in anti-wrinkle creams. See the ranking! 1. Retinol A form of vitamin A. It belongs to few substances which have scientifically-proven...Read More

Saturated oils: Why are they so different? The whole truth about coconut oil and shea butter

Hello there! Today we are going to sort out the issue concerning two oils/butters that are making a fuss on the Internet nowadays. There was quite a mess created by those two. It was due to their composition that contains many saturated fatty acids, and therefore every hair maniac categorises the very oils to be suitable...Read More

How to Care for Hair? 8 Practical Hints

Hair care again? Yeah, I know it’s a repeated topic. However, I still get lots of questions on how to care for hair to keep it healthy, beautiful and as long as mine. I’ve decided to sum up all the hints and turn them into a brief guide. That’s how ‘8 rules for mind-blowing hair’...Read More

My Morning Routine – Skin Care that Makes Sense

Hello, girls 🙂 Today, a few words about healthy and unhealthy beauty habits… Why I’m being so preachy? My neighbor made me write the text. As it turned out, she thinks that I must need lots of time in the morning for the proper skin care as I write about beauty products and care. She asked...Read More