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What do I use to wash my hair? My favourite shampoo and conditioner

I have fallen in love with this series since the day I came across it. I have never seen such wonderfully scented shampoo and conditioner. I just sold my soul of the Blanche Series from the Natura Siberica. I’ve already been mesmerised by the scent (frozen raspberries … yum!) And the capacity (that’s 400 ml...Read More

My cosmetic wishlist. Products I need to have this summer

Hello everyone! Summer is the perfect time to create a cosmetic wishlist. I included products that will help me survive hot, sunny days and create the perfect make-up. Some of them I just want to try out. Check it out! #1 Clarena Snake Filler The cosmetic contains snake venom, which successfully replaces botox or other...Read More

Cosmetic hits and misses in the past months

Hello girls! Today I will tell you about the cosmetic hits and misses I encountered in the last few months. My opinion about some products may surprise you, so please be understanding. I tested the cosmetics in all possible ways. Some have worked well, others, unfortunately, did not. Enjoy reading! Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux...Read More

May make-up favourites. Cosmetics and brushes

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Hiya everyone! Nothing makes my day like putting on nice make-up. Especially when I can use my favourite and reliable cosmetics. And because they are really good, in today’s post, I will present some of them to you. The review will also include make-up brushes made of natural materials. Zoeva Classic Make-Up Brush Set Soft, well...Read More