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My foolproof methods to set makeup


You keep asking me how I manage to keep my face satin in all the photos I take, whether these are just photo filters or whether my makeup really lasts that long, for example 8 hours at work. Indeed, it lasts that long but it’s conditioned by many factors. Since also I, just like everyone, happen to have those days when my makeup looks just disastrously after two hours… in fact, it looks as if I didn’t wear any makeup at all, and there is no cosmetic to put the blame on for such situation – this is the hormone doing 🙂 However, in most cases my makeup lasts long. Why? Because I know a few tricks of makeup artists. Also, I never use this nasty, silicone and skin-clogging spray fixer. Today, I’m going to tell you what should be done to make the makeup remain untouched for many hours. Enjoy!

Naturally, there are many ways to do and set makeup by preventing it from running down your face. I truly hope that some of your tricks will appear in the comment section, therefore I wholeheartedly encourage you to leave a few words below the entry. I’m going to describe a few simple techniques that will help you enjoy the flawless look for the entire day without any touch-ups!

‘Before’ state of skin must be good to make the ‘after’ effect gorgeous

Basically, this is one of the most important things that you have to bear in mind: skin must be properly prepared for makeup. I’m talking about exposing it to the right care. It doesn’t look good when is either dehydrated or too oily. Also, it’s problematic for colour cosmetics to adhere to such complexion and to be honest, no makeup will last long. Therefore, I must repeat one thing again: keep moisturising your face, no matter its type – young, mature, oily, dry, etc. This is the proper hydration that will make your face look healthy and dry skin areas won’t be a problem any longer. This is the greatest secret of each type of makeup and each type of proper skin care.

However, if your skin is really fatigued, which is hmm… in a really bad condition, reach for a makeup base. You should recognize this beauty product as a life-saver that allows you to improve the appearance of your face skin in no time and simply extends the lifespan of your makeup.

Get along with loose powder

I think I’ve already said enough about applying foundation and perhaps each one of you knows how to put it on properly, I won’t write volubly on this subject. In my opinion, you don’t have to need any complicated gadgets to do it – just use the fingers. Once you pat the foundation into face, remember that even if skin looks good and has satin finish, sooner or later it’ll start shining. To avoid that, fix this look by applying a loose powder. The best are white powders – either bamboo or rice – because they don’t only let skin look flawless in any type of lightning but additionally they take care of skin and protect against urban pollution.

How to set lip makeup?

Lipstick that remains on our face even after eating, laughing, licking the lips and kissing? Isn’t it only a cosmetic Holy Grail? If you care for maximally long wear, reach for matte lipsticks – they feature really strong substances that extend the lifespan of the cosmetic. Another pretty great idea, which is natural, is a special lip tint. The top-shelf ones can also work like a blusher and gift the face with youthful look. The classic here bene tint by Benefit.

Blot the first coat with a tissue before applying the second coat. Stunning lips that last incredibly long can be taken for granted.

Lasting eye shadows

I guess, eye makeup is the hardest part when it comes to applying colour cosmetics. It must be done diligently, which means that you have to do your best to prevent the shades to gather in creases.

Naturally, the best way to extend the lifespan of eye makeup is application of an eye shadow primer/keeper. This delicate and effective product will keep the loose cosmetic in its place. If you don’t have eye shadow primer in your makeup bag, you can try to coat your eyelids with a really thin layer of a regular makeup base and apply an eye concealer to the mobile eyelid. Sometimes you can mix beige and matte eye shadow with foundation and use it as an eye shadow primer.

That’s all 🙂 Good luck with your makeup!

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