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Better than an invisible cloak? I am testing Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream


Perfect coverage, full protection, fine lines less visible, conditioned and beautifies skin. Do you think that only very expensive products with some miraculous ingredients can provide such results? Meanwhile, it is all thanks to Missha M Perfect Cover – a BB cream! Did it pass my makeup test? Keep on reading and you’ll find out!

What will Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream do?

Without hesitation, I can say that it could replace many of my cosmetics. This BB cream works as good as a high-coverage foundation, a concealer and highlighter. It covers up imperfections, for instance, after-sun redness, post-acne spots, dilated capillaries, as well as dark under eye circles. According to the producer, Missha M Perfect Cover does not require setting it with a powder, and for me, it is a good thing as I like my skin radiant and glowy. Are there any more advantages of this product? Absolutely yes! The cosmetic protects the skin from sun radiation, hyperpigmentation, wrinkle formation and sunburns. It contains SPF 42 PA + + + so there is no need to use additional creams with sunscreen. The producer promises that the BB cream reduces fine lines and smoothes out skin texture, however, I am not able to check this feature as my face is still young and beautiful.

What does Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream contain?

Missha M Perfect Cover contains many natural ingredients! They have a beneficial influence on the skin which translates to a perfect, long-lasting makeup and ideal coverage. The cosmetic I tested comprises:

  • chamomile extract – it has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties; it regenerates the skin and shields from damage’
  • rosemary extract – delays ageing processes, brings relief and fights free radicals;
  • ceramides and hyaluronic acid – moisturize and protect the skin from excessive drying;
  • fagus sylvatica extract – firms and moisturizes the skin.

How do I use Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream?

The larger capacity tube has been equipped with a pump that facilitates dosing the product each time you use it. I use one pump to cover up imperfections and even out skin tone. Then, I go in with a sponge or a brush (depending on what is clean) and distribute it evenly on my face. One tube contains either 50ml or 20ml and the smaller one does not come with the applicator. I have the larger version and I am sure it will last for months.

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